Air Fryer with French doors. Enjoy the same delicious meal without guilt

Enjoy the same crispy texture and rich flavor of deep-fried food, without the guilt. The Air fryer with French Doors is designed to maximize cooking space without taking up valuable countertop space. [amazon table=”2219″] Air Fryer with Fryer Advantages of French door air fryer French door style air fryer design with large capacity and easy … Read more

Bpa free air fryer

Imagine cooking perfect juicy, tasty chicken wings that are crispy outside and juicy inside in just minutes without deep frying. It’s possible with an air fryer. But why  use a BPA  free air fryer? Why avoid BPA? An airfryer is a device that operates by circulating hot air around the food being cooked. Instead of … Read more

Air fryer vs toaster oven

  What is an air fryer?   This appliance enables you to prepare healthy, crispy foods with little or no oil. It’s easy to use and can be placed on your kitchen countertop. While some people choose to fry food in batches of oil, the Airfryer cooks using hot air that circulates around the food. … Read more

Best Air Fryers made in China

[table id=47 /] USA and the world at large are seriously adopting the best air fryers made in China by storm thanks to their unmatched quality. Surprisingly, this new type of kitchen appliance hails from China and has been popularized in the USA for quite some time. Regular frying pans require a tremendous amount of … Read more

ninja sp100 vs sp101 Why I got sp101

Both are 8 in 1 appliances serving as an air fryer, a countertop oven,  toaster, steamer, panini press, grill, and convection oven. The ninjas are designed to be the more convenient choice due to the lack of removable parts. They can also cook 4 different dishes in under 10 minutes. Ninja sp101 review This Ninja … Read more

Teflon free air fryers. Non toxic cooking. Eat healthy food. No cancer

[table id=56 /] Teflon is usually associated with cancer when it comes to cooking. There’s however a risk free option with teflon free air fryers What is Teflon? Teflon, Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a synthetic polymer that is used to prevent burnt food from sticking to pots and pans. it has hydrophobic properties that makes a … Read more

air fryer with stainless steel basket

Cut the fat, calories and cholesterol in your favorite dishes by cooking them in an air fryer. This device uses superheated air to cook food quickly and is easier than using an oven or stove top. You can also use it to cook vegetables, stir-fry, bake breads and cookies, roast meats, etc. It’s perfect for … Read more