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Fondue savoyarde. Taste of Savoie

The famous French cheese fondue is one of the best-known dishes of the Savoie region, which is located in the French Alps and boasts many fashionable ski resorts. The traditional fondue is rich, hearty, and very easy to make at home. In fact, a tradition dictates that if a piece of bread falls into the … Read more

Braising pans. Cook food to your satisfactory

A braising pan is a specialty piece of cookware that’s designed to slow-cook meat over a low heat. This type of pan typically has relatively high sides and straight edges so the ingredients are fully submerged in liquid. A lid might also be included as part of the design. The name comes from the French … Read more

Boning knife for chicken. You know quality when you feel it

Boning knife for chicken is one of the most used tools while cooking. It is important to have a good quality, sharp, and comfortable knife that can be easily cleaned. Knives should go with the cooking style, what ingredients are being cut, and if you are right or left handed. There are many types of … Read more