ninja sp100 vs sp101 Why I got sp101

Both are 8 in 1 appliances serving as an air fryer, a countertop oven,  toaster, steamer, panini press, grill, and convection oven. The ninjas are designed to be the more convenient choice due to the lack of removable parts. They can also cook 4 different dishes in under 10 minutes.

Ninja sp101 review

This Ninja Foodi is a smaller version of the Ninja Master Cooker. It has 8 different cooking modes, including a microwave, a toaster, a grill, and more. The Foodi comes with its own collection of pre-selected recipes that are made by professional chefs. The sp101 has a maximum capacity of 1.7 cubic feet .

Ninja sp100 review

The Ninja sp100 is a unique appliance because it has an additional drip tray that allows the user to cook more foods at once. It also comes with a baking pan and a steaming basket. The capacity of the oven is 0.6 cubic foot. The sp100 comes with different kinds of recipes and can cook up to 4 dishes at the same time.

How the ninja sp100 and the sp101 differ

1. Performance wise: The Ninja sp101 is superior

It has an 1800 watt element that will dehydrate, roast , broil, bake, steam, and grill your food. The Ninja sp100 can only grill and steam your food. It has a 1500 watt element that will only broil, roast, and steam your food.

Ninja sp100 comes with a soft touch LCD screen. Ninja sp101 does not come with a screen. The Ninja sp100 also comes with a drip tray that can hold 1 cup of water while the Ninja sp101 only has a drip tray that will hold up to 0.5 cup.

2. Appearance wise: The Ninja sp101 wins

The Ninja sp101 looks much more modern and attractive than the Ninja sp100 . It has ceramic coated steel that gives it a sleek look and makes it easier to clean. The Ninja sp100 is made of high quality stainless steel only.

They only differ in their maximum capacity, 1800 watts vs 1500 watts and the Ninja sp100 comes with a baking pan and steaming basket.

3. Price: the Ninja sp101 is more expensive:

The Ninja sp101 is only sold at Amazon and the Ninja sp100 is sold at Target. You can find the Ninja sp101 on Amazon with a price of under $200 and the Ninja sp100 is priced at under $150.

  1. Warranty: the warranty for both appliances is amazing

Ninja states that they will replace, without charge , any part of their appliance that fails within 1 year . They also offer lifetime warranty for all their product. The Ninja sp100 comes with a one-year warranty while the Ninja sp101 comes with a two-year warranty.

5. Ease of use: Tie

Both appliances are easy to use and operate but the foodi has more features than the ninja 8 in 1 so it’s easier to use for beginners . They both do not operate exactly like an oven or stove . You will need to get used to cooking with them .

6. Convection Oven: Ninja sp101 wins

The Ninja sp101 is able to bake 18% faster than the ninja sp100 because its element has higher wattage (1800 watts vs 1500 watts) . It can bake foods at 400 degrees F and 450 degrees F . The ninja sp100 only bakes at 400 degrees F .

7. Air fryer: Tie

Both the sp100 and the sp101 have a convection mode that can air fry at a high speed for a crispy food . The air fryer of the sp100 is also larger than that of the ninja sp101 .

  1. Cook faster : The Ninja sp101 wins

Ninja states that they have spent time to develop their Foodi automatic cooking system which automatically cooks food while using less energy to amp up the flavor of your dish so it can cook up to 4 dishes at once while using less product. This is more convenient than having multiple appliances all over the kitchen .

9. Temperature control: The Ninja sp101 wins

The Ninja sp101 has a temperature probe that set the degrees F on the LCD screen while the ninja sp100 comes with one temperature probe. It also comes with more temperature settings for your food .

ninja sp100 vs sp101 Verdict

Both the Ninja sp100 and the Ninja sp101 are overall excellent products, but if you’re looking for a larger capacity , plus one-touch auto cooking, then the ninja sp 101 is your one .

But if you want to save money and don’t mind using separate appliances for individual functions , the ninja sp100 will do the job sufficiently . The biggest difference between these two is really in what they can do. The ninja sp100 is only an air fryer, toaster oven , grill, and steamer while the ninja Foodi 101 can microwave , steam , reheat, bake, broil , grill, etc.


What is the difference between Ninja SP100 and Ninja SP101?

The Ninja SP100 has combined functions of a microwave, toaster oven, grill, and steamer. It is made from stainless steel which means it is easier to clean and looks more modern.

The Ninja SP101 has 8 cooking modes; microwave, toaster oven, grill, steam and bake and also includes a drip tray. It can cook 4 dishes at the same time and comes with a full complement of recipes that professional chefs have developed.

Which one should you choose? The Ninja sp100 or the Ninja sp101?

If you want to buy an air fryer that can cook several dishes at once then the Ninja sp101 is your best choice .

What are the different Ninja Foodi models?

There are several different models of the Ninja Foodi in different sizes. The most common one is the Ninja Foodi FD401 that’s a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, an air fryer, a food steamer, a rice cooker, an instant pot, and also an electric pressure cooker. It is capable of cooking most dishes that you can think of. It comes with nine recipes for breakfast food , 16 recipes for main courses , 10 recipes for side dishes and 8 recipes for desserts .


If you can’t decide which version to get then the best thing to do is to read the online reviews from other users. The FD401 has generally positive reviews from almost everyone except those who were looking for a smaller model.  In case you’re deciding between the 1000W and 1800W models then I would recommend going with the 1800W model for its larger size.