Air Fryer with French doors. Enjoy the same delicious meal without guilt

Enjoy the same crispy texture and rich flavor of deep-fried food, without the guilt. The Air fryer with French Doors is designed to maximize cooking space without taking up valuable countertop space.

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Air Fryer with Fryer

Advantages of French door air fryer

French door style air fryer design with large capacity and easy cleaning.

Take up less countertop space, no worry about storage for small kitchens.

more food-like taste thanks to the hot air circulation system. The convection cooking technology delivers hot air around the whole food basket with even cooking performance. More even and faster cook results in air fryer.

It cooks like a conventional oven but with less oil. Only a small amount of oil is needed to help food release from the basket and to add flavor in air fryer.

Food can be cooked in separate compartments for easy preparation.

Blender attachment can be installed on the top of the air fryer. It is designed to mix, chop, and blend food with top-of-the-line performance.

Features at a glance:
Large capacity of 33 quart (10 pounds), large size and removable lid make it easy to cook big batches of food at one time.
Removable, dishwasher-safe basket and removable drip tray.
Easy to use push-button controls.
Two settings: Conventional and convection cooking.
Replaceable filter basket for easy cleaning.
Coarsely ground blade can be used to blend, shred, chop and mince in the top-of-the-line performance blender.
It effectively mixes, mashes, and grinds ingredients with a few quick motions of your arm. No need for excess work with a traditional blender or food processor anymore than you would hassle with actual hand processing or slow juicing or blending.

What is a French door on an air fryer
French doors are a style of design on top of the air fryer. You will see this style on top of carefully designed air fryers that come with a removable basket. This is a very basic design in terms of design but it is essential for those who do not have enough counter space on their kitchen and still need to cook.

In a French door air fryer, you have the ability to remove the basket and simply clean it up using dish soap. You can also use it as your serving bowl when you are done with cooking everything.

If you love cooking and need to cook a lot of things at once without worrying about the design on top of your air fryer, then a French door is absolutely worth it.

Benefits of a French door air fryer
The benefits of having a French door on your air fryer are endless. It allows you to clean your air fryer without taking it apart or bothering with the basket.

It is easy for you to store food in them too. You can easily put all the food into the large serving baskets and make your meals easier on yourself.

The basket sizes on most French door style models are large enough to fit everything that you want to cook at one time and they can even take up more than necessary space. The air fryer with French doors is a great choice for those who are looking for more options in their kitchen.

The best thing about these baskets is that they can easily be removed, cleaned and used again. The basket that comes with the air fryer is high quality enough for you to use it over and over again without worrying about it breaking on you.

The material that the basket is made out of is a high quality stainless steel. The air fryer with French doors is a great choice for those who love cooking but have limited space on their kitchen when it comes to storing their air fryer.

If you are worried about the size of your air fryer, you can easily store it in your cabinets or under your kitchen table if you do not have room in your kitchen.

Do French door air fryers have more problems
French door air fryers are not really a problem and it is best if you have the one that you can use as your serving bowl. It makes the cooking process faster but only if you know how to cook food properly in an air fryer.

When buying a French door model, make sure that it is the large capacity and high-end model. This way, you do not have to buy another one when this one gets too small for your big family or when you want to make big batches.

Do you need to open both doors on a French door air fryer
No, you should not. When you are cooking on a French door air fryer, make sure that you can choose to open one or both doors. One of them is enough but it is better to shut it with the other one when you are done cooking.

This way, your food will get cooked well and the oil will not spill outside the basket if the other door is left open. The food inside will still have plenty of time to cook.

Do French door air fryers handle hot oil easily
Yes, French door air fryers are designed to withstand hot oil. Hot oil is not a problem for this kind of design. You will still be able to cook food without using a lot of oil in order to prevent the leakage of hot oil all over the place.

It is the best way to cook food in an air fryer if you want it easy and fast. If you want your kitchen countertop clean, then a French door design is best for you.

Are French door air fryers more energy efficient
The built-in power cord is enough to keep the air fryer running when you are cooking. A lot of energy efficient models do not have cords and will just run on batteries as well as a wall outlet. A French door air fryer is more energy efficient because it has a cord, even if the power supply is not an issue in your home.

There are models that run on electricity and even have a cord, but the main advantage of this design is that it keeps hot oil at bay and prevents leaking.