Rice cooker that doesn’t burn rice

A rice cooker is a kitchen appliance that is used to cook long grain white rice or any type of boiled rice. Rice cooker is also known as a microwave oven as well. It cooks the rice using indirect heat and steam. The main advantage of using this method to cook the food is that it reduces the chances of overcooking and burning the ingredients, which in turn can turn into a heavy and sticky texture – instead, it produces a fluffy texture with little or no strong flavors which will not stick to your teeth.

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Rice cooker that doesn’t burn rice

Advantages of a rice cooker that doesn’t burn rice
A rice cooker that does not burn rice, has several advantages to offer. Rice cookers usually come with a wide variety of options and features. One of the feature is that you can cook different types of rice, such as white, brown and also wild rice in various forms like sushi rice or sticky rice, which is known as mochi. Using a combination of texture control buttons, you can adjust the texture to your taste or needs.

You can also use this appliance to steam vegetables and meat or fish. A rice cooker that does not burn rice, can do a lot more than just cooking the rice: it can bake cake, steam, reheat and simmer the food. Using this appliance all you need to do is press a button and your food will be ready in no time. This appliance takes up little counter space as well.

These are also easy to use; you only need to add water and press a button! It also has keep warm function, which means that it will stay hot for hours after being cooked. This is the perfect appliance to use if you are in a hurry. All you need is to add vegetables, meat and turn on the rice cooker and it will do the rest!
There are also some rice cookers that come with an inner bowl for steaming purposes as well. You can be able to use it for steaming food or even bake cakes and make your own pizzas! All these functions are possible because they come with an inner bowl that is made of metal or glass material.

Best rice cookers that don’t burn rice
There are some rice cookers that don’t burn rice available in the market and we have compiled a list as well:

Black and Decker is a popular brand of rice cooker in India, since 1960s. It’s been serving Indian families for decades. The kitchen Appliance Company has been making various household appliances for years, including rice cookers. Its most popular rice cookers are 1.5L model and 2.5L model which offer the best value for money .
1.5L model Black and Decker rice cooker comes with digital display and offers an option to choose from three different grains: brown rice, long-grain white rice and sticky rice. It has additional feature of steaming vegetables at the same time which makes it a complete solution for cooking meals.
2.5L model is more advanced rice cooker as it offers advanced features like keep warm, delayed cook time option and steam release button. It also has dual control panel which allows you to cook different types of food separately at the same time.

Induction Rice Cooker
The advantage of using an induction rice cooker is that it heats up quickly. It produces heat when an electrical current passes through a magnetic field generated by an induction coil, which boils water via the Joule-Thomson effect and keeps the residual heat for hours after it stops cooking.

Features of the best rice cooker

A best rice cooker is one, which cooks the rice like a pro without burning it. It’s easy to use and portable, which can be moved around the kitchen or even can be carried with you during travel purposes.
The best rice cooker should also have an option to steam vegetables or meat at the same time. Some of the advanced models also have a steamer that comes with the package along with other accessories.
1.5L and 2.5L models are very popular in India and they are highly rated as well. You can check the user reviews to get a better idea of what the best rice cooker is for you.

If you are looking for a pot that will not burn rice, then the Zojirushi NP-NVC10 Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker and Warmer may be what you’re after. This model is considered by many to be one of the best models available on the market. It features an advanced induction heating system, which can cook 5 cups of uncooked white rice in about 20 minutes.