Rice cooker without steam vent

Rice cookers with steam vents let an escaping stream of water escape from the bottom of the device during cooking. This causes condensation to accumulate on the underside of its lid in order to keep your food moist inside.

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Rice cooker without steam vent

You never know when you might need to cook rice on the go and need a cooking pot with a tightly-fitting lid. A rice cooker without steam vent is the perfect solution for traveling, especially in college dorms where cooking space is limited. They are simple to use and clean, too!

However, this exposure of wet rice to the outside air can be a problem in many situations. For instance, it can result in the creation of mold after prolonged storage for non-perishable foods.

Instead of opening the lid to check if your food is done cooking, you’d need to remove it from your rice cooker and confirm with a bite. You also don’t want any steam coming out while you are using it on its stand or while transporting it.

How it functions
Comes with a digital display that displays the cooking time, temperature, and remaining rice. The entire unit is lightweight, making it easy to maneuver around in a crowded kitchen.

Uses high-quality materials including stainless steel, glass and silicone to ensure its long life. The built-in lid is removable so that you can steam your food or add ingredients while it is in use.

Specs & features
Cooks rice, beans, grains and more. Cooks great for up to 17 hours.

Keeps food moist by using a water trap to prevent any steam or water from escaping or leaking out of the appliance. The steam trap also traps any moisture on your food as it cooks.

Lightweight, compact design makes it easy to move around your kitchen while cooking in a crowded space.

Comes with a helpful measuring cup.

Portable & lightweight – weighs approximately 8 pounds without food. Made from heavy-duty stainless steel & silicone to ensure durability and longevity of product.

The base of the cooker is round and allows it to rotate 360 degrees out of the way when needed. The lid is entirely removable for steaming, reheating and adding ingredients while in use – not just steam venting.

The water trap on the lid prevents moisture from escaping the cooker while cooking your meal. The water trap also collects any steam and condensation.

Very easy to clean. The lid and bottom of the rice cooker both have a non-stick coating that makes it much easier to wipe clean than rice cookers with steam vents. You won’t be left with a crusty, sticky mess on the inside of your rice cooker like you would with a regular one.

Steam is limited to the pot, so when you want to open the lid for steaming or adding ingredients, only steam comes out, not water. Also, the steam doesn’t leak out while in use – you can place it on its stand as is and not have any steam come out while cooking or while transported.

Not suitable for use with hard cheeses & tough meats. Not to be used with allergens such as nuts, shellfish & produce. Cannot be used for soup making, cooking eggs and sushi.
Not a good choice for use with delicate foods that won’t stand up to the heat and pressure of the cooker’s steam.

Limited to steaming vegetables, fish, rice & other grains. Does not cook making your own sauces & gravies.

If you are looking for a rice cooker without a steam vent, you will love the Presto 070810 Stainless Steel Pressure Rice Cooker . It come in at a very reasonable price with just a few drawbacks.

The unit comes with a removable base and lid – which means you can open your cooker while it’s cooking and add ingredients while it is still in use. We love the deep pot design because you can steam multiple foods at once without having to worry about this particular appliance burning out!

However, the unit is not dishwasher safe. This could pose a problem for households that use their kitchen appliances for all sorts of different things besides cooking and eating.