Pressure cooker that works on induction. Induction top friendly pressure cooker

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Even though pressure cookers are designed to work on gas stoves, today we bring you a pressure cooker that works on induction. Induction cookers are the most efficient and energy-efficient way to cook. You can cook with less heat, which is great for your budget. However, it can be a little tricky because induction stovetops are designed to heat the cooking pot rather than the burner. This means you need high-quality pots that work well on induction without putting any restrictions on food safety. However, most appliances are not created to be used on induction tops. There are few pressure cookers that can do the job well and function properly on induction stoves. Answering the questions below will help us make a decision about which electric pressure cooker to buy, and why.

What is an induction stove?

In a nutshell, induction stoves are all-in-one cooking systems that work through magnetic fields, which heat up to cook foods efficiently. The part that touches the cooking pot is a metal coil. To work properly, induction stovetops need two to three times more energy compared to gas or electric stoves.

There are a couple of pressure cookers that are compatible with induction stovetops

Answering these questions helps us decide which pressure cooker works on induction stovetops:

  1. Is my kitchen’s power source 110V or 220V?
  2. What size of pan will I be cooking in it?
  3. What size is the cooking pot?
  4. Will this work well on an induction stove?

What can a pressure cooker that works on induction cook?

Innovative pressure cookers that work well on induction stoves can cook rice, beans, soups, hot food, and other liquids with a variety of flavors. These high-quality pressure cookers could also be used to steam fish and seafood.

How long can a pressure cooker that works on induction cook for?

A 15-liter electric pressure cooker that works on induction stovetops is designed to cook food efficiently so it will only take about 90 minutes on the stovetop without any pre-heating.


Pressure cooker that works on induction is just the right introduction to this new kind of cooking technology, which many old-school chefs have difficulty adapting too sometimes.