Pressure Cooker that uses oil. Tasty fried food pressure cooked.

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Conventionally pressure cookers are used to steam food but to achieve greater taste you need a pressure cooker that uses oil.

So many people who want to start cooking healthier are faced with a dilemma – do I need to get a pressure cooker that steams food or do I need one that uses oil? The answer is both. Pressure cookers are just amazing tools for cooking food more quickly and easily, so whichever one you choose will be perfect for what you’re looking for.

How to use a pressure cooker that uses oil

A pressure cooker that uses oil is used to remove the extra fat from food. The food will be cooked in its own juice which is then collected as is making it possible to stop using oil when cooking food. A pressure cooker that uses oil can help reduce up to 90% of the fat content in your food.

A pressure cooker allows you to use a smaller amount of water so that your food retains far more of its original taste.

Pros of a pressure cooker that uses oil

There are so many benefits to using a pressure cooker that uses oil over one that just steams food.

Takes less time to cook – A pressure cooker allows food to be cooked up to 75% faster than conventional cooking methods. This means less washing up for you, and for those who want a healthier lifestyle this means less preparing of food and less eating as well.

Cuts down on washing up – A pressure cooker uses way less water than a steamer so you need to wash up far less.

Retains more nutrients – Using a pressure cooker means that your food is cooked in its own juices so you are able to retain more of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients contained in the food itself.

Saves money – A pressure cooker uses less electricity than an oven, so not only is it great for your health but it also helps save you money in the long run.


There is a flip side to using a pressure cooker that uses oil though.


  1. Food tastes different

– Pressure cookers that use oil contain higher levels of both natural antioxidants and salt which can change the flavor of your food. For example, foods that are high in salt can taste bitter, and foods with natural antioxidants will have a stronger flavor than other foods. You will have to experiment with what you’re cooking by adding spices to the saucepan with your food so you can get the right taste for the dish you are making.