Pressure cooker used as slow cooker. Cooker that can cook fast and slow

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From time immemorial pressure cookers and slow cookers have been rivalries up to the invention of the pressure cooker used as slow cooker. ITs just a pressure cooker, but can also work as a slow cooker if time is no issue. The pressure cooker used as slow cooker was invented in the year 2020.  It is an electric pressure cooker with a slow cooker function, that you can use all at once. You just need to add water and food to make a slow cooked meal AND steam it at the same time.


Differences between pressure cooker and slow cooker

Pressure cooker or slow cooker is an electric appliance. The main difference between a pressure cooker and a normal slow cooker is in its working method. A normal slow cooker is a metal pot with two distinct compartments, one with water and the other one with food which can be steamed or cooked by heat. In a pressure cooker all those compartments come together.

The principle of the pressure cooker is a simple but unique. The pot is tightly closed with its lid and then the cooker is put on to heat, this in turn makes the steam created inside it become high density and rise up. The trapped steam increases the pressure within and thus makes it cook faster than a regular slow cooker or oven does.

The recipe you are cooking in a pressure cooker will be finished in 20% less time than it takes to cook in an oven. It gives your food the flavor and taste because it cooks with a lot less water than a slow cooker or an oven would.


Features of Pressure cooker used as slow cooker

The pressure cooker used as slow cooker can be used to cook rice, meat, vegetables and any other dish which has been cooked in a normal slow cooker. So overall the pressure cooker used as slow cooker is a best alternative to a normal slow cooker or oven.

How to use it

Pressure cookers come with steam vents at the top and there are two of them for each pressure cooker. These steam vents are used to release the pressure when the cooking process is over.

Sometimes the food is cooked in a pressure cooker and then you can use it as a slow cooker too as it has got a slow cooker function due to which you can steam your food. You just need to add water and food in it and then switch it to slow cooker mode. You can either use the pressure cooker as a slow cooker or a slow cooker as a pressure cooker, whichever you like.

The pressure cooker used as slow cooker is best recommended for its easy usage, quick cooking method and quick preparation of the food.

This is why the pressure cooker is used as a slow cookery in many houses today. But you can make your choice whether it should be one or the other.