Vitamix V1200 Vs A3500: Why the A3500 is a better blender

When trying to decide between two different models of the same machine, it can be difficult to determine which one is better for your needs. They both have similar features, but there are some differences that may be worth noting. The same goes for the Vitamix A3500 and the Vitamix V1200.

The two models differ in a few ways, but there are enough similarities that they can both be considered as contenders for your kitchen. The most obvious differences between the two machines is their size and weight.

The A3500 is slightly smaller and lighter than the V1200. They also both make use of a tamper. The A3500 only comes with a tamper attachment, but the V1200 includes a stainless steel tamper. This gives you better control over your ingredients, and prevents them from getting stuck in the blades or sticking to the sides of the machine. So what are Vitamix V1200 and A3500?


What’s Vitamix V1200?

The V1200 is a step up from the mid-range 750 series. It comes in black or white, and features 5 pre-programmed settings that you can choose between. The blender has the option to lay flat or stand upright, meaning it can easily fit under your cabinets. It also includes an auto shut off feature, allowing you to step away while you wait for your smoothie to complete blending. The maximum capacity is 48oz, meaning it will hold plenty of ice cream or whole fruits and vegetables. There is a low and high setting for the speed of the blade, and a pulse option for chopping. The machine has a 10 year warranty, but doesn’t come with much in the way of accessories. 


What’s A3500?

The A3500 is the new model released by Vitamix, and it features an improved design. The tamper attachment has been removed, and there are now just two buttons on the machine. You can use these to select your speed or program if you wish to do so. The maximum blending capacity is also 48oz, with maximum ice crushing capacity at 28oz. There is an auto shut off timer, and the machine has a 10 year warranty like the V1200. The A3500 also comes with two pieces of cookware to help you make better use of your Vitamix. This means you can make large batches of smoothies for your friends and family with ease.


Similarities Between Vitamix V1200 and A3500

They both use high-quality stainless steel to create a powerful machine.

They both feature a tamper attachment. This is not essential, but it helps you to make sure your ingredients are completely blended, and prevents your blender from overheating.

They both come with pre-programmed options which allow you to quickly make different combinations with ease. The V1200 also includes an auto shut off feature, so you can leave the machine unattended if it’s in the right place in your kitchen.

They both have the same size jar which will hold plenty of produce. This means you can quickly blend ingredients for your smoothie or soup, and don’t need to worry about needing to make multiple batches.

 They are roughly the same size, but the V1200 is slightly smaller.

They both come with a ten year warranty on customer parts and service, which proves how confident Vitamix is in its high-quality machines.

They both have blades which are made from the highest quality materials. The A3500 uses titanium, while the V1200 uses bonded steel. They are strong, efficient, and will ensure your smoothies are created with best-in-class precision.

They both come with an external power adapter that is safe to use in the US or Europe. This means you won’t need to worry about the dual voltage settings on your electrical socket when you want to use your new Vitamix machine.


Differences Between Vitamix V1200 and A3500

 Preset Programs

The V1200 comes with 5 pre-programmed settings that allow you to easily create different smoothie, hot drink or soup combinations. You can select between “Smoothie”, “Hot Drinks” or “Soup”.The A3500 has only 2 pre-programmed settings, which are less useful for most users. These are “Smoothie” and “Soup”



The blades of the Vitamix A3500 are made from stainless steel, but not titanium. This means they will dull much quicker than the blades of a V1200. The blades of a V1200 will last a lifetime, but those on the A3500 may need replacing after a few years.



The A3500 comes with an auto shut off feature which you can trigger by pressing the big circular button marked “On”. This is much easier to use than the calibration dials which are included with the V1200. They can be hard to reach and can easily be pressed accidentally if you’re not paying close attention.



 The Vitamix V1200 includes a tamper which you can use to press down on your ingredients when creating a smoothie. This helps to ensure that everything is completely blended and prevents anything from getting stuck in the blades or sticking to the side of the jar. There is no tamper with the A3500, so you will need to use a spoon or spatula instead.


Noise Level

The Vitamix A3500 is much quieter than the V1200. If you’re looking for a more silent machine, this is one of the main differences to think about. The A3500 is impossible to hear when it’s on and blending your ingredients, and you can operate it with less distraction than the V1200.



The Vitamix A3500 comes in at a lower price point than the V1200. This may be a factor in your decision, especially if you’re on a budget. It’s always nice to save some money if you can. The A3500 also currently has a promotional price, so it’s possible to find the machine for less if you search online for special offers.


Pros of Vitamix V1200

It’s efficient and versatile

It’s easy to operate

It has accessories that can help you save time and effort

It’s powerful

It comes with a 10 year warranty

It’s easy to clean

It’s easy to store, especially if you choose the countertop model. 


Cons of Vitamix V1200

The power cord is difficult to remove, which may make it difficult to store properly. You might also need to remove some of the parts before storage, like the dishwasher safe jar for example. 

Very expensive base price.

It’s made from lower quality materials than competing machines.


Pros of Vitamix A3500

It’s quieter than the V1200. 

It has 2 preset smoothie settings.

You can use the machine straight out of the box. 

It’s found at a lower price point than the V1200. 

The blades are made from stainless steel, not titanium like on the V1200. This means they won’t dull as quickly and you will get more usage out of them before they need replacing. 

It comes with a tamper. 


Cons of Vitamix A3500

It’s not as powerful as the V1200. 

It has less accessories, which can make it more difficult to save time and effort. 

It’s only found at a lower price point than the V1200. 

The power cord is also difficult to remove, which can prove awkward when storage is involved. 


Should You Buy Vitamix V1200 or A3500?

It’s important to note that all of the cons for both of these machines are found in the accessories. They are relatively minor, and shouldn’t affect your overall experience with either machine.Selection between these two popular Vitamix blenders comes down to preference. The A3500 is definitely the better option if you’re looking for a quieter machine, but it’s also much more difficult to use than the V1200 because it lacks an auto shut off feature and calibration dials. Ultimately, the choice is down to the buyer after considering various factors