GreenPan Vs GreenLife

Food enthusiasts will know that there’s no better way to prepare your food than using pans and pots. However, with the number of options on the market, it can be tough to decide which one is best for you. That’s why we’re here to help you make an informed decision. We’re taking you through what you need to know about the two leading brands of cooking pans and pots ; GreenPan and GreenLife.Cooking pans are great for making food because they help retain moisture, resulting in greater flavour, better texture and much more. They can also be used to prepare meals quickly, so everyone can have their own version of dinner on the table. And, with no oil or fat being added to your food, it makes them healthy too.


What’s GreenPan?

GreenPan is a cooking pan that uses a patented technology called PFOA membranes to create a high pressure cooking environment in the pan. This means that when you add the food, its juices will come up from the base of the pot, cooked into your dish. So, you get all the benefits of  cooking without having to wash out a traditional pot after use, which saves time and energy in the kitchen.


What’s GreenLife?

GreenLife is another cooking pan that gives you the same benefits as one that uses a PFOA membrane. Instead, this product uses ceramic particles to create the pressure inside the cooking pot, which also helps you save on energy and time in the kitchen. That’s because it doesn’t require preheating like traditional pots. Just add the food, lock the lid in place and switch it on. As soon as it reaches high pressure, seal the lid to create the pressure in the pot. When it’s ready, open the pot o to release excess pressure before serving.


Similarities  between GreenPan and GreenLife


Both the GreenPan and GreenLife are made from non-toxic materials. They’re also both made from anodised aluminium that won’t scratch, bend or rust, which helps maintain their performance over time.


Even Heating

Both the GreenPan and GreenLife are cooking pans and pots that will perform at their best when you use them as part of your cooking routine.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Both the GreenPan and GreenLife have easy to clean stainless steel pots that are dishwasher safe. Using a soft cloth, you can also wipe down the underside of the lid without damaging it, helping you to keep them in the best condition possible.


Differences between GreenPan and GreenLife

Material and Durability

GreenPan is made from high quality steel that won’t corrode or become bent or scratched either. This means that it can last for years on the market without producing any damage to the pot itself.GreenLife is made from ceramic particles that are more resistant to heat. However, this also means that they can chip off during use, which can make them less attractive for people who aren’t looking to keep their cooker in pristine condition.

Non-stick Coating

GreenPan’s non-stick coating on the inside of the pot helps you pick up and remove foods with ease. This is due to it being made from a PFOA membrane, which means that it won’t stick to food when you add it to your dish. GreenLife’s ceramic particles are not non-stick coated, so foods will stick when cooked inside the pot.


The GreenPan and GreenLife both offer 4.5 litre pots, which is enough for making individual servings of food. However, the number of presets available varies between them.

GreenPan has 10 presets to choose from: pressure cook, electric fry, instant noodles and steaming.GreenLife has 5 presets: pressure cook, electric fry and steaming.

Oven-safe Temperature.

GreenLife can be used in conventional ovens up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

GreenPan cannot be used in conventional ovens due to the risk of damage to the pot while it’s being heated.

Energy Efficiency

The GreenPan’s PFOA membranes are designed to lower your energy needs by creating a high pressure cooking environment in the pot. This means that less energy is needed during use, because the saucepan works at its best. The GreenLife has ceramic particles that are more resistant to heat when it comes to cooking. So, when you turn on the switch, it instantly reaches high pressure, so you can use less energy in the kitchen by cooking at lower temperatures.


The GreenPan has an average price of around $120. The GreenLife has an average price of  under $379. This  is a key factor in choosing a suitable between the two.


The GreenPan can be used for more than just pressure cooking. You can also use it for frying foods, steaming vegetables and other similar dishes that require high heat or quick preparation times. However, the GreenLife can only be used for pressure cooking and preparing instant noodles.


Pros of A GreenPan

Portable – the GreenPan offers a large 4.5 litre pot that is unlikely to leak or strain due to its construction, which makes it easy to take with you on long trips. It also means that you can easily fit in more food, thanks to its large capacity.

Versatile – the GreenPan is designed for different levels of use across your kitchen. You can use it for high heat or quick preparation times thanks to the presets available on its controls.

Seal-less function

Non-stick coating on the inside


Cons of A GreenPan

Cannot be used for browning

Does not have an extra function to help with browning of foods.

Cons of A GreenPan

The design of the handle is bulky and doesn’t provide good grip to lift the pot up.

Very high price for this product.


Pros of a GreenLife:

Ceramic coating is durable and resistant to impact and other similar problems

Control over pressure and temperature using the digital timer and thermometer

Larger capacity of 6.5 litres

The GreenLife is  great cookware  for your family to use when you want to make a large amount of food at once. It has a larger capacity than the GreenPan, making it perfect for households with more than one person.

It can still be used for smaller servings since it has a 6.5 litre pot, which means that it’s great for cooking for one or two people as well.


Cons of A GreenLife:

The ceramic coating won’t be as durable as the non-stick coating of GreenPan. This means that it won’t be as easy to clean and maintain over time.

The pot is not dishwasher safe, which makes it difficult to keep it in the best condition possible.

Very high price for this product

Lack of storage space with this product means you need to store it in a cabinet which is not ideal for kitchens with limited space available.


Should You Buy The GreenPan or The GreenLife?

In relation to variety, durability, and quality , GreenPan is the clear winner. This brand produces higher-end cookware that can last for years, whereas GreenLife products won’t offer the same level of cooking experience.


GreenPan’s quality matches its reputation hence the high price. Buy it if you can afford

Ultimately the best will vary from person to person in consideration to a variety of factors.