Air fryer that can dehydrate food without drying it. Perfect Crispy brown food.

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Getting food to the perfect crispiness is quite an uphill task proving almost impossible but has been made easier courtesy of the air fryer that can dehydrate food without drying it. Air fryers have been around for a decade or so yet they are still relatively new to the market. In layman’s terms, an air fryer is a culinary tool that uses hot air rather than heat to cook your food. So how can this appliance speed up the process of dehydrating food without drying it?


How does an air fryer dehydrate food without drying it.

The answer lies in its patented dual-level cooking technology that contains both convection and conduction heat. This machine uses the conduction process to cook your food and then employs the convection process to dehydrate it. The machine works this way by using hot air for conduction cooking which can reach temperatures of up to 450°C over high power settings, and the colder air to cool down the food. This way, it’s possible for you to have an air fryer that can dehydrate food without drying it.


Benefits of dehydrated food

  1. It is much healthier and beneficial compared with freeze dried food. Freeze dried food can contain a lot of chemicals, preservatives and sugar that can be harmful for our health. Dehydrated food does not have any of these chemicals and preservatives which means that dehydrated food is actually good for you.
  2. Your food will remain fresh up to four days after cooking.
  3. It’s easy to store than frozen or freeze dried food.




Air fryers are used for many different purposes and one may wonder how this amazing appliance can be used to dehydrate food without drying it. This cookware is quite versatile and can be used for cooking all kinds of foods like vegetables, a variety of meat and poultry items, seafood, rice dishes, etc. Dehydrated food is fast becoming one of the healthiest and most convenient foods on the market today. And thanks to this amazing appliance, you may eat your dehydrated food without drying it since it’s made possible by this kitchen appliance called air fryer.