sweet potato cutter

You’ve seen a French fry cutter, a vegetable slicer, and even a watermelon slicer. But what about the sweet potato cutter? It’s one of those kitchen tools that’s not known for being particularly useful or common, but it sure can come in handy when you need it! We’ll talk you through how to use it, show you different kinds available on Amazon, and hopefully point out the best thing about the tool.

What is a Sweet Potato Cutter?

It’s an innovative kitchen tool designed to slice cooked sweet potatoes into size-appropriate pieces in just one easy motion. It’s commonly used to cut up sweet potatoes for serving at Thanksgiving dinner, but can be used for many other types of vegetables as well. If you have kids, it makes a great addition to kitchen gadgets. It’s generally made out of plastic or stainless steel, and is also dishwasher safe so cleanup is easy!

How Does it Work?

A sweet potato cutter is designed to slice cooked sweet potatoes quickly and easily. First, you’ll need some sweet potatoes that are cooked but not too soft. Preferably they are semi-soft since the tool will not be able to cut through fully soft potatoes. The cutter will work on either round or long oval-shaped sweet potatoes.

You need to peel the sweet potatoes first. Peeling isn’t absolutely necessary, but the cutter works much better on peeled sweet potatoes since they are softer and more malleable. If you want to skip the peeling step (for whatever reason), you can use a vegetable peeler to slice through the skin after you’ve taken out chunks with the cutter.

Next, remove any excess skinny parts that may be sticking out. You don’t want anything that’s less than one half inch thick. This is so it can cut easily using your sweet potato cutter tool.

Is there a sweet potato cutter?

Yes. There are many different kinds of cutters. Some are hand operated, others are motorized. The first thing you need to figure out is if you want a hand operated or motorized sweet potato cutter. Motorized cutters work better on round sweet potatoes since long oval sweet potatoes will be difficult to hold in place while using the power spinning blade that most motorized cutters employ.

If you choose a manual type of cutter, then it will consist of a handle and a stainless steel blade at the end of it which you can press down onto the sweet potato with your fingers. The blade is usually serrated and has a diameter of about two inches. Many manual sweet potato cutters will also have a decent handle size, which makes it easier to apply enough pressure to cut through the potato. Here is a picture of how it works:

Sweet potato slicers are one of the most useful kitchen gadgets out there, especially since they’re so easy to use. The tool cuts the potato into equal-size segments which are easier to eat. The price is right for this handy little gadget, too. You can purchase it on Amazon here .

Can you use a french fry cutter on sweet potatoes?

Yes. So many people use a french fry cutter on sweet potatoes, even though it’s not designed for them. It works fine as long as the sweet potatoes are semi-soft. I think you’d be better off with a manual or battery operated unit, but some people prefer to use a french fry cutter on sweet potatoes.

The Best sweet potato cutter

1. The Sopito French Fry Cutter

An easy-to-use French fry cutter with a stainless steel blade. It’s dishwasher safe and has a comfortable grip that is easy to hold onto. The suction cup base on this cutter will keep it from sliding on your counter. It has a comfortable grip and can slice through up to 3 medium sweet potatoes in one go. It works on both long oval-shaped sweet potatoes and round ones. The blade will need to be replaced after about 30,000 cuts, or when it starts to get dull.

This cutter is very easy to use, all you have to do it secure it on your counter, place the potato in the guide of the cutter, and squeeze down on the handle until you see that the potato has been sliced. You can then take out each slice with a spatula and serve up a delicious treat for dinner!

2. Electric French Fry Cutter

A great little kitchen gadget to slice sweet potatoes with is the E-Z Sweet Potato Cutter.  It only takes a couple of seconds to cut a potato, and one slice will be the right size for serving at your dinner table. This tool requires no batteries of any kind, but does require you to plug it in every time you want it to work. However, there is no need for batteries since it is powered by a small motor that provides the pressure needed to slice through a solid vegetable. You can also use it to cut jicama, zucchini, and carrots!

This is a great addition to the kitchen of anyone who enjoys vegetables and wants to maximize their serving sizes with little effort. It is very inexpensive and will last for years without any problems.

3. Commercial sweet potato fry cutter

If you are looking for a giant sweet potato cutter, then it doesn’t get any bigger than the Commercial Electric Sweet Potato Cutter. This is designed for commercial restaurants and can slice up to 15 potatoes per minute, making it an efficient way to provide your diners with the servings that they expect.

If you own or manage a restaurant that serves sweet potatoes, this is definitely worth looking into. It’s expensive, but it will pay for itself in time by saving you time and labor costs. It can also be used as a french fry cutter as well as a pasta maker!

4. Budget fry cutter

If you are looking for a great sweet potato cutter, but don’t want to pay too much for one, then the Westmark Stainless Steel Sweet Potato Cutter is definitely worth looking into. It has a large handle which makes it easy to use by people of all hand sizes. The blade is serrated and has a diameter of about two inches. An adhesive suction cup is also included with this product.

It’s not especially high-quality, but for the price it offers great value. This cutter will make cutting up your sweet potatoes fast and easy.

How Do You Prepare a Sweet Potato Meal?

Sweet potatoes are very versatile, delicious and nutritious. They can be baked, boiled, grilled or deep-fried. However, they are commonly used in stews or pies. You can also eat sweet potatoes plain with salt or dip them in butter while baking. Sweet potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and contain a good amount of fiber which makes them an ideal food for weight loss. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A, C and B, potassium and magnesium. It is a good source of complex carbohydrates which makes it a healthy snack for people on a diet.

Sweet potatoes can be prepared in various ways. You can make the sweet potato fries or the sweet potato chips. However, these products can be somewhat time consuming and tiresome to prepare, especially when you’re having a busy schedule at school/work. Not only that, but you also need to cut them into slices or cubes before cooking them. These sweet potato cutters are an ideal kitchen tool for preparing sweet potatoes. It can easily peel the skin off the sweet potatoes and also shred the sweet potatoes into fine or coarse pieces in seconds. The fine shredding option is great for making dough, while the coarse shredding option is great for making mashed or baked sweet potatoes. It’s very easy to use and makes cooking sweet potato much easier! Sweet potato cutters make preparing food much easier.

What is a Sweet Potato Cutter?

For those who don’t know, a sweet potato cutter is basically a deep and narrow wedge that you use to cut sweet potatoes. The wedge shape makes it perfect for getting your knife into the center, and the relatively thin blade makes it easy to cut. It’s like a highly specialized and angular steak knife — perfect for cutting sweet potatoes. What’s great about this particular sweet potato cutter is that not only does it work very well, but it looks like an ordinary knife.

How Does It Work?

The sweet potato cutter works by making most of the work happen right in your hands with just a few simple motions. You stick the narrow end into the center of the sweet potato ,and then just push with some pressure. The sweet potato will cut right in half .All you have to do is rotate the wedge, and you have two perfect pieces of sweet potato (or yams, if you prefer). No more chips, no more uneven cuts.

Tips on How To Choose The Best Sweet Potato Cutter


Sweet potato cutters come in an array of shapes and sizes. However, most are very similar in shape with the most common being a wedge.


Sweet potato cutters can be used to slice either sweet potatoes or yams. The best cutter for your needs will most likely come down to personal preferences!


Sweet potato cutters range from stainless steel blades to plastic blades. Stainless steel blades are great for cutting all food types, while plastic blades are perfect for avoiding scratches on your cutting board.


To determine the durability of a sweet potato cutter, it is best to check reviews and see what people are saying about the cutter.


Sweet potato cutters can range in price from 10 dollars to over 1,000 dollars. It depends on your personal budget and needs. The more money you are willing to spend, the better the product will be.


A warranty is usually an indication that the product is quality. A quality sweet potato cutter should come with a warranty just in case there are problems while using it.


Sweet potatoes are a great source of vitamins and minerals. They can be eaten as fries and chips and even baked and roasted. If you love sweet potatoes but don’t like the hassle of cutting them, then a sweet potato cutter is perfect for you. These helpful tools will allow you to easily prepare your food for consumption. They can also be used to slice various types of fruit and vegetables, allowing for more versatility than most other similar products on the market today. Choose the tool that will best match your needs and you will be on your way to cutting perfect sweet potatoes in no time!