Rice cooker that plays music. Enjoy the taste of good food with awesome music

Zojirushi rice cooker plays music , it plays a tune when cooking rice while others don’t. The Zojirushi rice cooker will play slow, relaxing music so you can cook your rice without distraction. When the music switches off, it resumes cooking automatically and keeps it at the perfect temperature to ensure your cooked rice has a nice fluffy texture.

The zojirushi cooker also has a cool feature that turns off automatically after 20 minutes of inactivity but still keeps the heat on for when you start again or if any errors occur during cooking process.

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Rice cooker that plays music

How does this cooker function
The zojirushi cooker has a mat that keeps the rice hot and warm until you have time to serve. It is easy to clean, as it is made of non-stick coating, and has a timer which controls cooking temperature and cooking time.
With zojirushi`s  Advanced Heating System that prevents the temperature from boiling over, this cooker is considered one of the best ones in Japan.
This model also comes with an insulated lid for protection against spoilage.
The cooker comes with a removable feeding jug which makes it easier to remove rice from the cooker.
When you place the rice in the cooker, it automatically calculates the amount of water for cooking and switches to warm mode to keep the rice warm until serving time.
My experience using this product I have been using this product for about 2 years now, and I am very happy with it. The functions are easy to use and know how to use them without reading any instruction manual or instructions. It has worked perfectly every time cooking with it.

Features of a rice cooker that plays music
1. Keeps rice warm until serving
2. Loud enough to be heard over music playing in the background.
3. Music switches off when rice is done cooking
4. timer that controls temperature and time
5. easy to clean non stick surface
6. large capacity makes cooking a small batch of rice a breeze because of the large cooking bowl that cooks up to 5 cups of uncooked rice( medium size bowl). You know it is done when its beeping at you.  It’s very loud.

Pros and Cons of a rice cooker that plays music

1. Very easy to use and it has a very simple and intuitive design.
2. Keeps rice warm until serving time without any problem
3. It is easy to set temperatures, time and volume of water required to cook rice.
4. The mat keeps the rice warm until serving time.
5. Large capacity cooks up to 5 cups of uncooked rice(medium size bowl) at once.
6. Very easy to clean non stick surface .
7. Timer that controls temperature and cooking time without any problems.
8. It automatically switches off after 20 minutes of no activity or if there are errors in the program or when a problem occurs while cooking
9. Large opening makes it easy to remove rice from the cooker
10. Registered patent technology in Japan.
11. Low Price

1. After many uses, the cooking bowl stains easily and varieties of the color is light grayish brown in color which might not be so pleasing to look at.(not a big problem)
2. The control panel is not rubberized and the buttons can get dirty.
3. The knob that adjusts the temperature may be difficult to turn or press down after a while.
4. It is loud Like I mentioned before, it is very loud, and has no problem being heard over a good amount of music playing in the background , so you don’t have to worry about any noise bothering your family members who are in the kitchen with you when you are cooking.
5. It is not insulated, so keeping boiled rice warm for too long can lead to food poisoning if you are not careful.  Make sure to serve rice within 12-15 minutes( not more than 20) after the rice has finished cooking in the cooker or it will spoil.
6. Disappointment because of the small and short time it takes to cook up to 5 cups of uncooked rice( medium size bowl).
7. Quality of the rice that comes out of this cooker is not so different from other rice cookers in the market.
Overall , I would highly recommend this product to everyone as long as they are not expecting more from their cooker. This is a no frills, basic functional rice cooker that does its job well .