pan for pancakes

You’re probably a big fan of pancakes and you’re probably wondering which could be the best pan for pancakes. Having a good recipe is only half a process of making good pancakes. As such you need to find the right pans for making your pancakes. Well, you’re in luck. We will be talking about that very thing here.It’s important to note that there are not just one type of pan but rather there are different types of pans which give you different results with pancakes. The pancake pan is designed for pouring the batter onto the griddle – this is done by holding it up high and pouring down, or if it’s fitted with a spout on the front edge, running some batter out of it like a pipe.


Features of a  Pan For Pancakes

A typical pancake pan is a shallow round bowl built up just slightly from the base. This is why we can say that this type of pan has a high rim and it’s not one of the low flat pans. It just gives you that nice edge to pour out your batter and then flip it over and cook the other side.


A well-designed pancake pan should distribute heat evenly across its surface so that your pancakes cook correctly. They should be small enough to cook easily, formed properly and form a nice cake shaped pancake.


An evenly flat surface is key. This will ensure that the batter is spread nicely and evenly, without bubbling over the edges. Ideally you want a fairly small amount of batter per pancake as well.


Pancake pans come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, they can be as big as cooking pots or as small as individual serving dishes for six people.


The most important thing with a pancake pan is to make sure it’s made from non-stick material.


How To Buy The Right Pancake Pan

If you are new to the idea of making pancakes, then you should know that it’s not that hard to make your own like the ones you get in restaurants. They are economical, delicious and simple to make.As a matter of fact, restaurants that serve pancakes often use a special kind of pancake pan. Here are some tips on how to find the right pancake pan for your kitchen:


You should choose a heavy-duty pan as this is going to stand up to heavy use. It needs to be made from very good quality steel as it makes up the frame of your pan and will need to hold up under repeated use.


The bottom of your pan should be heavy as well as it supports all the weight of your ingredients and batter. Some pans even have a removable base so that you can easily clean the inside.


It’s also a good idea to buy a pancake pan with a non-stick surface and it would be best if you can find one with Teflon or some other type of non-stick coating.


You will also need to invest in a metal spatula that is made of very strong steel and that is thin and flexible enough to slide around the sides of the pan.


You may also want to buy another spatula that is made of silicone and this one will be used for keeping your pancakes warm before serving them.


Cleaning should be a breeze as your pancake pan should be dishwasher safe.


You should wash your pancake pan immediately after using it so that there is no time for the batter to dry and stick to the surface of your pan. This way you’ll have an easier job of cleaning.


In addition, the handle on your pan should also be heat resistant as you’ll be lifting it out of a hot oven to serve pancakes.


When you find a pancake pan that has all these features and qualities, it will make sure your pancakes turn out as they should every single time.


So What are the best 5 pans for pancakes?

  1. GreenPan Mini frying pan

This is a mini frying pan that has a topcoat of ceramic which makes it very easy to cook in and allows you to cook healthier food. It’s made from aluminium and has non-stick properties, so it’s easy to clean and maintain. There is also a lifetime warranty with this pan.

The beauty of this pancake pan is its small size, so it’s perfect for creating individual portions and is great for smaller families or couples who like to treat themselves on special occasions. It’s also easy to store as it’s compact and lightweight.


  1. Goodful pancake pan

This pancake pan from Goodful has a large surface area as well as a ceramic coating. There is even a removable handle so that you can place it in the dishwasher after using it. It can be used vertically or horizontally and comes with a lid that is heat resistant up to 390°C.


  1. All Clad MasterChef Stainless Steel

The Master Chef pancake pan is made from stainless steel and has a heatproof handle that’s heat resistant up to 450°C.The inside of the pan is very easy to clean and there is a lifetime guarantee with this product.


  1. Cuisinart Easy Grip Stainless Steel

This Cuisinart pancake pan has a very good non-stick surface and a precise pouring spout. It also heats quickly and distributes heat evenly. It’s made from heavy gauge stainless steel and it’s even dishwasher safe.


  1. Carote Nonstick Ceramic

This is a non-stick pancake pan from Carote. It’s got a ceramic coating and has a lid designed to keep the heat in. It also has a very ergonomic handle that’s comfortable and secure. It can be placed in the dishwasher and it does not require oil for cooking.


In Conclusion

As you can see there are all kinds of pancake pans you can choose from. It’s important to pick out the best one that suits your needs. As long as you follow the tips on how to find the right pancake pan, which includes looking for non-stick material, it should be easy to make your own pancakes in no time. A good pancake pan will make sure that your pancakes stay in place while cooking and everything goes smoothly.