Instant Pot Duos Vs Duo Plus

Instant Pot Duo vs Duo Plus – Instant Pot is one of the most popular pressure cookers on the market. There are now two versions of this popular pressure cooker, the Instant Pot Duo and the Instant Pot Duo Plus. They look very similar, and at first glance, they seem to be the same pressure cooker.

Both versions offer many of the same features, but where they differ is how much space they take up in your cupboards and what cooking modes they offer.

Differences between a Duo and a Duo Plus

Both the Instant Pot Duo and Duo Plus are fantastic pressure cookers, offering great versatility and functionality.

The biggest difference between the two is the size of the inner pot. The Instant Pot Duo has a slightly smaller inner pot than its larger countertop competitor, although this is not enough to make a huge difference in what you can cook. It will be apparent over time that the size difference makes no difference at all.

The Instant Pot Duo is smaller than the larger Instant Pot Duo Plus. It has a 7-inch LCD screen while the larger version has an 8.5-inch LCD display. In addition, the smaller cooker has a shorter list of features compared to its larger brother.

What’s an Instant Duo Pot?

The Instant Pot is essentially a high-tech pressure cooker. It works by cooking food at high temperatures over a longer period of time than traditional stovetop models. This combination creates steam that creates an intense pressure inside the pot. In the Instant Pot, the pressure is maintained until the food reaches a safe temperature.


Pros of the instant duo pot

The Instant Pot Duo includes a few more cooking modes than the Instant Pot Duo Plus.

The smaller size of the Instant Pot Duo makes it easier to store or prepare dinner on your kitchen countertop.

The Instant Pot Duo has a very large user base and it has been the bestseller on Amazon since we started tracking it.

Multiple safety systems are built-in to protect you from pressure cooker safety issues. These include a two-component safety valve, a safety float valve, excess pressure protection and excess temperature protection.

The Instant Pot Duo also comes with a stainless steel steam rack and serving spoon.


Cons of the instant duo pot

The Instant Pot Duo is not as powerful as its bigger cousin.

The Instant Pot Duo is less versatile than the larger version because it only includes countertop mode (no stovetop mode). This makes it less suitable for those times when you want to cook something like chicken or beef stew.

The smaller size of the Instant Pot Duo means it takes up less space on your kitchen countertop, but this can make it much harder to find room for all of the pots and pans you need.

The Instant Pot Duo has no timer options – all functions are based upon manual or automatic settings.

What’s an Instant Duo Plus Pot?

The Instant Pot Duo Plus is the larger and more expensive version of the Instant Pot Duo. It includes a few more features than its smaller countertop sibling and it is also slightly larger.

The Instant Pot Duo Plus has eight cooking functions and a three-ply bottom which means it can be used as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker and as a yogurt maker.  It has an 8.5-inch display and comes with a stainless steel steam rack and serving spoon

Pros of an Instant Duo Plus Pot

The Instant Pot Duo Plus has an incredibly versatile cooking system.

It has a larger size that ensures that there is plenty of room for the utensils you would need to use it, including a pressure cooker or yogurt maker. It’s large size is crucial for preparing more meals unlike the smaller version.

It also includes stove-top mode which you will need for preparing some types of food, especially stew.

The Instant Pot Duo Plus offers an abundance of cooking modes which are all very useful in different situations.

It can also be used as a sterilizer.


Cons of an Instant  Duo Plus Pot

The Instant Pot Duo Plus is more expensive than the smaller version and this makes it harder to justify buying the bigger version.

The main disadvantage to the Instant Pot Duo Plus is that there is no option for using it as a yogurt maker. It only comes with a non-stick ceramic bowl.

The larger version also takes up more space which is a definite disadvantage.

It also takes a bit more time to learn how to use it.

It’s outer rim is a bit difficulty to clean after cooking because the ceramic bowl of the Instant Pot Duo Plus is not dishwasher safe.


Which Model is More Suitable?

The differences between the two models are really negligible.

The Instant Pot Duo Plus is more expensive but it also offers a few more features that could be useful for you, especially if you are looking to use the Instant Pot as a slow cooker or rice maker. It even has an option to use it as a sterilizer.

Despite being expensive,Instant Pot Duo Plus will probably save money in the long run because it is capable of doing so much more than the Instant Pot Duo.

On the other hand, considering the factor that the Instant Duo Plus Pot is just a slight upgrade  on the Instant Duo Pot, it might be wise if one saved the extra money since the instant duo pot can do as much as it,s bigger brother.

The choice depends on so many factors such as the size of the household, the individual needs and cost too.

The instant duo pot would be a fair pick  between the two if varried, but the differences are insignificant.