Does an air fryer use less electricity than oven

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The biggest challenge in the kitchen is knowing the consumption rate of your appliances and hence, does an air fryer use less electricity than oven. The answer is yes. An air fryer uses about half the power of an oven and hence helps you save your electricity bill but not as much on time. This is one kitchen appliance that you should go for if you are conscious about your electricity consumption.


How air fryers work

Air fryers or deep fryers convert heat energy into infrared radiation which reaches to the surface of an object and fries it without direct contact like in a pan or on top of a stove. Any food item placed in an air fryer is submerged in hot air heated by an electric heating element. As the food is constantly circulated, it gets heated evenly inside and hence the name of the appliance – air fryer.


How ovens work

Ovens are also called as heaters. They work by heating the surrounding air inside an oven cavity and it is this heated air that reaches your food item, not the element itself. This means that an oven transfers heat energy through radiation or conduction but not through convection.


Differences in consumption

An air fryer consumes between 1000 to 1500 watts per hour while an oven consumes between 900 to 1500 watts per hour depending on the size of the appliance. Due to low heat and air circulation, an air fryer consumes less electricity than an oven, but it is not all. An air fryer uses a lot more time than an oven to cook your food because the food is heated only while being inside the appliance. This implies that you will have to keep the appliance on for 15 minutes to fry your food properly.



If you are concerned about your electricity bill and want a way out then go for an air fryer than an oven. However, you will have to compromise on the amount of time taken to cook your food.