circulon premier professional vs symmetry

Whether you’re a professional chef or an amateur cook, it’s essential to know the difference between quality cookware. The circulon premier professional is a layer-based nonstick pan that offers superior cooking performance and even heating from the bottom to the top. This circulon is not dishwasher safe nor suitable for induction stoves, so it’s best suited for stove tops only. But because of its washable surface and durability, it won’t have any trouble lasting your entire career. The symmetry nonstick skillet is a much cheaper option that doesn’t offer any better performance than a stainless steel pan with a metal handle. It’s a great choice for the home chef who wants maximum value for the money, but the premier professional is still a good alternative if you would rather spend more on a more durable product.

circulon premier professional and symmetry: How they differ

1. The surface

A circulon premier professional features dimples on the bottom of the pan to promote even heating. The amount of dimples will vary depending on the size of the pan. There are also hollowed out sections in between each dimple to collect liquid and make sure that your food doesn’t stick. On the other hand, a symmetry nonstick skillet is completely smooth without any dimples to promote even cooking. Note that you should only use nonstick pans with plastic or wood utensils. If you use metal, you may scratch and chip off pieces of nonstick coating and risk inhaling toxic vapors.

2. The handle

The handle of the circulon premier professional is made of heat-resistant plastic that’s polished to keep it looking slick. It’s textured to provide a better grip during cooking, allowing you to move the pan with ease without burning your hand. The handle is even more ergonomic when compared with the one found on the symmetry nonstick skillet. The latter doesn’t have any kind of grip, so you’ll have to take extra care in case it slips out of your hands.

3. The material

With regards to material, both pans are made from aluminum with PFOA-free plastic handles. However, the emblem that shows where each one is manufactured will also differ between two models. The circulon premier professional is made in the USA, whereas the symmetry nonstick skillet is imported from China.

4. The price

The circulon premier professional is more expensive than the symmetry nonstick skillet. However, it’s also a more durable metal cookware with a premium finish and a superior handle that makes it more ergonomic to hold during cooking purposes. Note that you can leave a circulon metal cookware in a dishwasher as long as you don’t use any chemicals or harsh detergents on the surface of the pot or pan – simply use hot water and soap, then wipe it dry completely with a clean towel.

5. The Performance

The premier professional is an even-heating pan that heats up to over 500 degrees fahrenheit. That means that it can cook evenly and quickly without sticking or having any issues. In the symphony skillet review , we found that it’s a good choice if you want a smaller size as well as a nonstick surface for easy cooking. However, the rectangular shape tends to have more trouble retaining heat than round pans, making those pieces hard to fry eggs in.

6. The Warranty

A circulon premier professional comes with a lifetime limited warranty, meaning that the company will replace the pan if there are any issues or defects. The warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage, however. Symmetry only comes with a one year limited warranty. This means that if there’s any damage to your skillet after normal use for a year, you can get it replaced under the manufacturer’s guidelines. Otherwise, you’re out of luck when it comes to any other damage repair or replacement issues in the future.

Verdict: Which pan is better?

The circulon premier professional is an easy choice. It offers better performance than the symmetry nonstick skillet while also coming with a lifetime limited warranty. The difference in price may make the premier professional more costly, but it’s also more durable and can be used multiple times without risking damage. If you want a new set of pans that will last you throughout your whole career, go for the circulon premier professional.