How to Get Rust Off Cast Iron Skillet With Vinegar

Cast Iron Skillet is one of the best cookware there is. This is one of those pieces we just can’t seem to live without. They are durable ,strong and versatile in cooking. You might put it in the oven and stove top and feel like a foodie. But if your cast iron skillet gets rusty, … Read more


After a tiresome day, you are sitting by the window looking out at the setting sun. It has been a long day.You desperately yearn for something to refresh your body and mind. A cold glass of lemonade would be the perfect solution to your stress and boredom. You take a sip and sigh- the refreshing … Read more


You may have come across the word “quenelle” when reading about French cuisine, but what is it? A quenelle is a French fish or cream dumpling made with eggs, cream, butter and salt. The mixture is piped through a pastry bag in long straight lines onto an oiled plate. It might be used as a … Read more

wheatena vs oatmeal: Why I choose Wheatena

Wheatena (cream of wheat) contains fewer calories, nutrients, and protein than oatmeal. This is the biggest difference between wheatena vs oatmeal. Oatmeal, oats, or even bran flakes cereal are a staple in most American households. But is wheatena really the equivalent of oatmeal? Wheatena has been in production by Hostess since 1932, in which it’s … Read more

Teflon vs stainless steel cookware

There are many different types of cookware in the market today. Teflon coated, silicone coated, aluminum clad with platinum, ceramic coated or clad in stainless steel- these are just some examples of different materials in the cookware market today. Many people worry about how harmful frying can be on their pots and pans when they … Read more

saute pan vs wok

A wok is a deep, concave dish that is traditionally used as a cooking vessel in the Far East. These dishes are typically round and made of metal like iron or steel. Woks can be used to stir fry, boil noodles and other rice dishes, and even deep fry foods like Chinese doughnuts. The Western … Read more

ceramic vs porcelain cookware

Your search for the best pots and pans is over. We did all the hard work of testing and reviewing, and we found that ceramic nonstick cookware is far superior to porcelain — but not just for food; we’ll tell you why in this post. While cooking with ceramic makes it easier than ever to … Read more

Has plastic melted in the dishwasher

The Melted Plastic Problem Not all dishwashers are alike, in that not all dishwasher brands have the same heating coils. One brand of dishwasher in particular has caused quite a headache for many consumers since they began selling their product in 2018. This particular brand, Whirlpool, has an abundant number of complaints about melted plastic … Read more

How to remove melted plastic from glass top stove

Kitchen enthusiasts, we have all faced it. Melted plastic on glass top stove . It is a frustrating experience that leaves us wondering how to remove the hardened, sticky mess from our favorite cookware. Thankfully, we have some ideas for you here! There are common solutions that get the job done: 1. Using baking Soda … Read more