Soda Siphons and Soda Chargers

Soda makers have a cartridge that stores and dispenses carbonated water and pressurized CO2 (or other suitable dissolved gas). The cartridge is tapped and connected to a hose, which usually has a regulator so the delivery can be controlled. A faucet head with an opening is attached to the hose, also with a regulator so pressure can be controlled. The operator of the machine pressesurizes the tank of CO2 by admitting gas from the large storage vessel. This creates an internal pressure higher than atmospheric pressure on what’s inside, causing it to subjectively “bubble” or “effervesce”.

CO2 soda chargers contain pressurized CO2 from a bottle, of course. Have you ever been to a restaurant that dispenses a carbonated beverage through a nozzle, and then just puts a cap on the bottle? That’s how soda chargers work. The “cap” on the bottle is just a formed piece of plastic with no holes or other openings in it, so it can’t let any CO2 out — but the pressure from the CO2 already inside the tank pushes against it as soon as you open it.

What are soda chargers used for?

Soda chargers are used for dispensing carbonated water (most commonly soda).

Carbonated water is water with dissolved carbon dioxide gas. The gas makes the water effervesce or bubble, and gives it a pleasant taste. Usually, the water is also flavoured with some kind of flavouring agent like citric acid (found in oranges) or phosphoric acid (found in cola drinks). Because it has that pleasant fizz, carbonated water is often used to make soda or mineral water drinks

iSi soda Siphon

This brand’s model is the iSi soda siphon, which is used for charging the cartridge of the Soda siphon machines that restaurant owners use to make soda. This particular model is used to charge 5 litre or 500ml cartridges with 15g or 18g of CO2 respectively. It’s important to note that this does not work for inflating tires, though you can use it in place of a hand pump if you’re making your own soda water. The iSi soda siphon is essentially just a high-pressure charger for either 5 litre or 500ml cartridges.

The mechanism required to inject CO2 into water, whether it be the tank of your Soda maker machine or this product requires very high pressure.

Are soda siphons worth it?

In the end, soda siphons cost more money to buy and use than a Soda maker machine with a built-in CO2 tank. However, given that this particular soda siphon is designed to work with 5 litre tanks for soda machines, you’ll be able to get more Coke out of each charge than you would normally.

Also, if you’re using this model of iSi Soda Siphon with 15g or 18g CO2 cartridges for your Soda Maker machine, then the iSi siphon will also be compatible with your Soda Maker machine’s larger tanks.

How do you use an old fashioned soda siphon?

When the CO2 cartridge is empty, connect it to the Soda siphon by unscrewing the top of the iSi Siphon using a screwdriver. 30 seconds after disconnecting, pressurize with CO2 cartridges, by simply screwing on the top of the iSi Soda siphon. Wait for 5 seconds before turning off your Soda Maker machine or disconnecting from your soda machine.

Now that you have finished charging up your old fashioned Soda siphon, you can use it to provide your soda makers with soda. The hotter your drink is made with water, the more CO2 will be dissolved inside it now that it has been charged.

Are soda and cream chargers the same?

No. Cream chargers are used for Soda-Siphons and Wissmach Rootbeer makers. Cream chargers contain a concentrate of cream and sugar, but no gas. You must add your own gas to them to turn them into whipped cream dispensers. Cream chargers aren’t reusable because you only get the one shot of CO2 that comes with them, but they’re still great for making small tubs of whipped cream at home on special occasions.

Can you use a soda siphon to whip cream?

Yes. You can use a Soda siphon to whip cream. To do this, you’ll need to use your Soda siphon’s charger with either your Soda maker machine or iSi Siphon, instead of the CO2 cartridges that are usually used with the Soda maker machines.

The reason you’d want to use a soda siphon instead of a cream charger is because you can get more charges out of your soda siphon than you would from your cream charger, so it will last longer.

Are soda chargers reusable?

No. Soda chargers are not reusable. Do not recycle them, do not store your soda maker machine with empty soda charges in it, and do not try to refill them or use them with anything except for what is intended.

Remember that the gas is under pressure. If you try to reuse a canister without letting it depressurize properly, you run the risk of puncturing the canister wall and having your entire kitchen filled with CO2 gas at once.