Best Glass Air Fryer

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Frying food has been a known cook’s technique for centuries. No kitchen is complete without the best glass air fryer. They’re the real deal when it comes to convenience and variety in the kitchen, frying up your favorite dishes (chicken, fries, fish) with a fraction of the oil. The first question on your mind might be: what’s up with this oil-less fried food? The answer is that an air fryer cooks by using hot air jets that circulate around your food, only touching it for very brief intervals of time. This way all that grease in your favorite dishes remains unchanged and you can enjoy them guilt free. And for those of you who are health-minded, air frying is a much healthier way to fry your food with less oil and fat. Is there a better way to make scrumptious fried food without as much fat? I don’t think so.

In recent years, a new invention called the glass air fryer has come onto the market, providing a healthier alternative to traditional fat-filled fried food. Unlike your everyday air fryer, the glass air fryer has really proved its efficiency over and over again in the kitchen. It is newer and arguably the better alternative when it comes to satisfying your air frying needs.

After analyzing their performance, we found that they have these pluses and minuses.


– Their main advantage is that they are made out of glass. This is more than satisfactory if you love cooking. you get to see how your food cooks without having to open up the lid and letting the vapor out.

-There is no oil that splatters or gets a strange flavor on your food, so everything tastes fresh. They cook just as fast as regular air fryers.

-Glass air fryers are super easy to clean up; they are dishwasher safe. You don’t have to worry about how you will get the grease off.


This is only to mention but a few of the endless that you get from using the glass air fryer



Glass is harder to get; it can break if dropped. Therefore, you have to be extra cautious when dealing with the glass air fryer.

As any other air fryer, it is a bestselling product in the kitchen and therefore many manufacturers have ventured in the business. We made it our objective to compile a list of the top brands that will offer nothing but great service. take a look.


Big Boss Glass Air Fryer, Super-Sized 16 Quart Large

This is a brand that has been making the best air fryers for many years now and they don’t disappoint when it comes to service. They are popular among customers, who have always had great things to say about them. It has many features that help make it stand out from the competition;

1) healthy cooking with infrared technology,

2) easy and safe preparation of dishes- all dishwasher safe

3) 8 different preset time functions and

4) easy cleanup, with the nonstick interior

5) This appliance comes with its very own recipe book

It is not only an air fryer but also an all in one machine. its wide temperature range allows you to bake. roast, grill and toast also in it. Jack of all trades you got there.

One customer says: “I bought this air fryer because I have been trying to cut back on calories and fat. This air fryer has allowed me to cook my favorite foods without adding any unhealthy fats or oils. It has a large capacity; you can cook a lot in one cooking session. It is also very easy to clean up.”


Nutrichef PKAIRFR48.5 Glass Air Fryer

Including this, some Air Fryers include the capability to steam, making them a very versatile kitchen appliance. This capacity makes it suitable for dishes like vegetables, rice, and fish that require steaming. Thanks to the two knobs, cooking has never been made easier. you just set the temperature and time which you want to cook and voila! you’re done. Easy, right? Even your five-year-old son can operate this wonderful appliance. Furthermore, you get your food perfectly crisped when ready. For those love browned food on the outside, this was made for you. Rapid air flow makes this style of cooking incomparable.


Rosewill Infrared Glass Air Fryer

A brand that has earned a name for themselves in the market by making top quality air fryers, this model falls into that category. They have proved their excellent reputation in the market over and over again and we cannot help but appreciate what they are doing.

This model features an easy-to-use control panel; you get precise temperature control of up to 400F. Its three preset cooking programs make it easy to prepare a wide variety of dishes. This includes Fish, Meat/Chicken, and Pizza/Starch cooking programs. It also has a separating grill that allows you to cook two dishes at once. How convenient.

If your kitchen is on the smaller side, this might be a good option for you. It’s versatile and does the job of an air fryer and a convection oven. And this is quite big as far as air fryers go, so you’ll have plenty of space to cook up anything your heart desires.


Classic Cuisine 12-17 QT Glass Air Fryer

This is a newer model and has been picking up steam in the market as of recent. The customer reviews have had very positive feedback in the market and point out that this product is a workhorse. It does not heat up the kitchen, it’s small, compact and makes cooking super-fast on its own. This is ideal for busy people who want healthy food without any fuss.


Nutrichef 13 Quart 1200W Glass Air Fryer

The Nutrichef 13 Quart air  fryer is fairly exceptional when it comes to kitchen convenience. Best in its class, for fresh fries, this 1200 W is every chef’s dream.

You get a glass bowl model that has three infrared cooking zones. This makes it easy to cook several items at once. The top zone can be used for anything you would want to broil, and the bottom two zones are for your air frying needs. You also get a paddle that is perfect for folding in ingredients during the cooking process.

This model has 6 preset modes: bake, roast, sauté, crisp, warm and timer. It also comes with your choice of meats, veggies and breads.

The 1200W model is the best one for air frying. The 1500W model is a close second. This does not heat up the kitchen so you do not have to worry about that either.


Amon Tech Wisfor XXL 1500W Glass Air Fryer

This is one of the largest ones that we have seen on this list, and it has received rave reviews in the market since it came out. This is a monster of a unit; you will not be able to resist the urge to use it.

You get three preset cooking programs which are Pizza, Oven Roast and Slow Cook. You also get 6 customizable modes – bake, roast, grill, sauté, warm and timer. It can hold up to 12QT of food in it during the cooking process. This makes it versatile in all ways possible.


Megachef 930111971M Multipurpose Glass Air Fryer

This air fryer is smaller than other models on this list and also possesses a timer, which is ideal for those who are short on time.

The interior of the air fryer is made of silicone that makes cleaning up a breeze. The stainless steel housing provides it with the stability that it needs to last. It has been built to last as you will undoubtedly find yourself using it over and over again. has just enough space to allow for a family of five. It features 3 control setting buttons, automatic temperature tuning and it has a timer setting of up to 30 minutes. It has an exterior dimension of 12.75″ (L) x 8.5″ (W) x 9″ (H).

You will not be disappointed with this product as all the customer feedback have been positive regarding its performance.

The IR thermometer measures infrared radiation emitted by an object, so no contact is needed between the thermometer and the surface.


Cleesink 7.4QT Glass Air Fryer

The Cleesink air fryer is very versatile and has been designed in a way that allows you to cook many different types of food that are within its capabilities. It has the capacity to cook up to 6 hamburgers at one time, and despite the fact that it is a small unit, it still dries up the grease evenly. You can put in around 12 burgers or so which is just enough for most families.

The customer reviews are the best we have seen and this unit is highly recommended to anyone looking for an air fryer. The price is also very affordable compared to other models on this list.

This one has a timer that can be set for up to 40 minutes. It gives you the option to choose between 9 preset cooking programs like cake, pizza, fries and sausage; and it has the capability of being automatic or manual.


Sanhoya 18 Quart Glass Air Fryer

The Sahomwell air fryer has a compartment for a steamer basket. This means that you can steam all your vegetables and enjoy healthier food. The dishwasher safe glass-top bowl makes cleaning up easy and fuss-free. The machine is very versatile as it can cook meals both from the frying pan and the convection mode; allowing you to make various types of meals or just healthy snacks. Its presets include broil, bake, roast, sauté, toast cold and warm mode. You get 21 pre-programmed cooking modes to choose from. The preset timer is definitely one of the best features of this model. The machine switches off automatically when the time is up and thus helps you to avoid over-cooking your meal. As far as customer satisfaction goes, it has received high marks from customers and most of them are happy with their purchase. When you are looking for a quality machine that can deliver good cooking results but at an affordable price then the Sahomwell air fryer is a great pick.


My experience with the glass air fryer was phenomenal. I really loved that, while cooking at a very fast pace, the food still came out perfectly burnt on the outside and just how I like it raw on the inside. For those of you who are obsessed with browning your food, this is a new way to get it done and that is a great option for you. It was fun to be able to watch my food being cooked without oil and fat splattering all over my kitchen. There’s literally nothing that can go wrong when you get one of these for your kitchen.