Best Frying Pan For Bacon

We all love a good piece of crispy bacon, don’t we? For some, it might be the breakfast of champions, but for others, it’s the only way they get to enjoy bacon. Fried Bacon is a delicacy which, if cooked right, is so satisfying and very enticing. However ,finding the right pan for frying bacon can be a struggle. In the end, you end up with a 1/2 inch thick slice of day-old bacon that is hard as a rock and not very enjoyable. You may even end up with a fried egg instead of a nice piece of bacon. Frying pans for bacon aren’t all made equal, and not all frying pans can make good bacon. As such, it’s wise to know what you need to look for in a bacon frying pan.

What Is A Bacon Frying Pan?

Frying pans for bacon are special frying pans which have been specially designed to cook bacon to perfection. These pans have an upward sloping edge and a flat middle, which makes the pan ideal for cooking your favourite slice of bacon. While frying pans can be used to cook other foods, the design is usually not suitable for cooking things such as eggs, pancakes and fried chicken.

What To Look For In A  Pan For Frying Bacon

Design and Construction

If you’re planning on frying a lot of bacon, then you will want to look at the construction and design of the pan. A good frying pan will be made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or aluminum. Also, it should be made from heavy gauge metal so that the bacon doesn’t stick to it.Some models feature a non-stick coating, but these coatings do not last very long and they can easily become clogged with food particles which is not desirable.


Another consideration is the material used to make the frying pan. If you can find a frying pan made from a material which can resist high temperatures without getting hot, then that’s great. Such materials include ones which are non-reactive such as stainless steel, aluminum and ceramic.

The Fats

Frying pans for bacon should be able to withstand high temperatures and should not get hot when the bacon is being fried. Some frying pans come with grooves or ridges in them where excess fats and oil can run off while cooking. These are not desirable because they can create a build-up of grease that can lead to frying problems. They can also collect food particles which will cause the bacon to stick to the pan.

The Ability To Heat Up Quickly

If you’re cooking a lot of bacon, then you want to make sure that your frying pan is one that can heat up quickly. Bacon is made from fatty meat, so when it gets heated up, it will release large amounts of fats and oils. This can cause your pan to cool down if it’s not able to heat up quickly.

The Handle

Your frying pan should also have a comfortable handle which allows you to manoeuvre it easily. It should be made from a material that will not burn your hands and which is heat resistant. The handle should be large enough for you to hang on and move around with ease. Also, the handle should be located at the right height so that you can maintain control of the frying pan at all times without burning yourself.


Just like with anything else, you get what you pay for. A low-quality frying pan will probably not last very long and it might even cause some harm to you as well as to your family members. Also, it’s not very safe to use a frying pan which is made from materials which can possibly leach into the food as it cooks.

Ease Of Cleaning

The last thing you want is a frying pan that requires a lot of oil to clean it. The more oil that you use the more difficult it is to clean it effectively. So, if your bacon frying pan can be cleaned easily without the use of a lot of oil, then consider buying one.


Best Five Pans For Frying Bacon

  1. Royalford Aluminum Non-Stick Frying Pan

The pan is made of highly durable material which is resistant to high temperatures  making it suitable for frying bacon and other foods. It comes with a special non-stick coating which makes it easy to clean and prevents food from sticking to the pan while cooking. What’s more, it has rivets which allow you to easily hang your pan for convenient storage after it has cooled down.. Its aluminum construction heats quickly and distributes the heat evenly so that your bacon does not burn. The handle has a comfortable grip, is heat resistant and it can be folded away to reduce storage space. The pan is very easy to clean as it has raised sides which allow fat and oil to drain off easily while cooking. The fact that it’s PFOA surface makes it use little oil and it’s easy to clean makes me like it even more.


  1. Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan

This highly rated grill pan is made from cast iron which is a high-quality material that makes it durable as well as heat resistant. The pan is non-stick which helps you to easily clean it and prevents food from getting stuck to the surface. It has a smooth surface which makes it easy to cook on and reduces the amount of oil that needs to be used while cooking, making anyone love it. Furthermore, the material is very sturdy and it can withstand a lot of heat without getting hot. It also has a comfortable handle which makes cooking on this pan easy. Featured with high ridges, they help to hold and distribute fats and oil as it cooks making this one of the best frying pans for bacon.

  1. Sky light Non Stick Grill Pan

With the exception of not being a dishwasher safe pan, this skillet comes with many other great features. The non-stick surface is made from a high quality manufacturing process and has a ceramic coating which makes it heat resistant and easy to clean. It comes with special grooves which make it easier to drain fats and oil off while cooking making it very healthy to use. Furthermore, the pan distributes heat evenly and heats quickly making it ideal for cooking bacon. It also features a comfortable handle which allows you to hang on after cooking is done. This pan is a perfect fit for frying bacon and you’ll absolutely love it.

  1. Cuisinart Classic Round Grill Pan

Made of hard anodized aluminium, this pan is highly durable and resistant to high temperatures. It features a long stay, nonslip handle which makes it easy to carry and move around and a special coating which makes it extremely easy to clean. The nonstick surface makes cooking bacon and other foods very easy as food doesn’t stick to the pan while cooking. Furthermore,the pan heats up quickly and distributes heat evenly which prevents your bacon from burning. It’s an excellent product for frying bacon and you’ll love every bit of it.

  1. All clad Square Grill Pan

This pan is an excellent choice for those who love to cook bacon. It comes with a heavy gauge steel construction which makes it very durable and heat resistant. It’s a dishwasher safe pan which makes it easy to clean up after cooking. Furthermore, the pan features a non-stick surface making cooking bacon very easy and incredibly easy to clean. It comes with a comfortable handle which makes it easy to carry and maneuver around and it’s heat resistant and can be used on top of an oven. The pan is also very easy to clean and the food released from the pan will drain into a contained groove which makes it easy to clean. It’s compatibility with gas, electric , oven and broiler will make you fall in love with it.



All the products are highly competitive based on the performance of the frying pan. You should carefully study all the factors that are mentioned  before deciding which one to buy. For instance, you need to consider the material used in making the frying pan. You should be able to tell if it’s stainless steel or copper. Stainless steel is much better than copper because it does not corrode or rust which can cause defects in quality over time.