Best Enameled Steel Cookware Brands

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To spice up your kitchen you need to have at least something from the best enameled steel cookware brands. Enameled steel cookware is the next big thing when it coms to nonstick cooking.

Origin Of Enameled Steel Cookware

The first cookware made from enameled steel was apparently developed and patented by Charles Joseph Berry in England in 1907. Enameled steel cookware is a type of cookware made of layers of metal that are then coated with enamel (a vitreous coating material) to avoid stains and protect the underlying layers. The enameled steel cookware cooks food evenly, retains heat well, and can be easily cleaned. It is often associated with high-end cookware. on enameled steel cookware. To enamel steel does not necessarily mean to coat it with an enamel; some process coats other materials onto the steel including copper and gold. Some modern high-end cookware includes a base of stainless steel with layers of enamel on top rather than having two separate pieces. In this case, the entire piece is enameled.

And just like any other kitchen equipment, enameled steel cookware comes with its pros and cons.


Pros of enameled steel cookware:

-Cooks food evenly, retains heat well, and can be easily cleaned.

Because the enamel is non-reactive, it does not alter or affect the taste of food and it also allows heat to be evenly distributed throughout the pan. This makes cooking more efficient because less energy will be needed to cook food.

-Not much residue left in the pan after cooking.

In case you’d like to transfer the remaining food in the pan to another bowl, it is easy because there is hardly any food left, unlike with other non-stick pans.

Since the enameled steel cookware is made up of layers of metal coated with enamel, food does not stick to it easily. Cleaning after cooking is also easier. This makes this type of cookware great for quick preparations and clean-up.

-Good heat retention and distribution.

Since the enamel is non-reactive, it retains heat well. The two materials used in enameled steel construction are alloy steel and stainless steel which are both durable and long lasting. This is great for use in busy kitchens with busy cooks.

-Versatility for cooking different foods. Enameled steel cookware has the ability to withstand heat and can be used to cook and heat a wide variety of foods. This makes it easier to use enameled steel cookware for every day cooking than non-stick cookware. It also means that you will not have to worry so much about the safety of your food, as more care will be needed when handling this type of cooking equipment.


Cons of enameled steel cookware:

-High price for the materials used to make it making the cookware more expensive than the other nonstick options available in the market.

-Makes foods cold and hard because of the low heat transfer rate between food and pan.

Albeit it also has its disadvantages, it is clear as day that enameled steel is the future in cookware. the pros triumphantly outweigh the cons. With respect to this, we took our time to come up with a list of the top brands in competition for enameled steel cookware. take a look at the following products if you wish to make a relevant purchase.

How to care for enamel steel cookware
1. Never use metal cleaners or steel wool on the surface of enamel steel cookware. Use silicon and wooden spatulas and utensils to avoid chipping off the ceramic coating.
2. Avoid exposing enamel steel cookware to very high or very low temperatures, as this can cause the paint to chip off and expose the base metal which may rust.
3. Never use abrasive pads or harsh chemicals in order to clean your enameled steel pan. The enamel surface is delicate and can be destroyed by harsh abrasive detergents and cleaning agents.
4. Never put your enamel steel cookware in the dishwasher as the temperature of running water is usually too hot for enameled steel cookware, so it may cause the surface to chip off or crack.
5. Clean and dry your enamel steel pan when you are finished cooking. Using a microfiber cloth, lightly wipe the cookware with a drop of oil or silicon to protect the enamel surface.
6. Never leave your enamel steel cookware in water after cooking or while it is still hot as this can cause rust to form on the base metal of the pan and will render it useless, as well as damaging the ceramic coating.

Gotham 10-piece ceramic stainless steel cookware

Thanks to the premium 18/10 premium food grade stainless steel, this cookware guarantees even heat distribution all through the food. Gotham cookware is recommended for all types of stoves, including induction, gas, electric and halogen. The interior is coated with a fusion titanium reinforced with a ceramic coating giving it its double nonstick properties. The cooking pots and pans set features a classic straight-sided and drip-free pouring design. The tight-fitting tempered glass lids allow cooking to be monitored hassle free while cooking. This seals in heat and moisture and in return cuts down on the cooking time. These cooking pots are oven-safe 500 F/ 260 C and are suitable for dishwasher use. easy to clean, right?


CSK Enameled Stainless steel casserole skillet

This is a braiser pan that adopts superb heating technology making it suitable for any type of heating surface in the kitchen. The enamel coating is nonstick. furthermore, it is free of any PTFE or PFOA. As safe as they come. Has a high wear resistance and will therefore provide service for a long time. The high gloss interior makes it super easy to clean and is also dishwasher safe.


Machika Enameled Steel Skillet

This solid white enamelware roasting pan is durable and will not let you down. The heavy-duty construction has a solid metal interior and beautiful enamel exterior. The enameled steel is made up of four layers, the first layer being the metal itself for superior heat distribution with a non-reactive, long-lasting ceramic coating on top. This enables crispy, evenly cooked food every time! This pot can be used in the oven or over an open flame with no worries about getting chipped or damaged. Food popping out is also something you won’t have to worry about thanks to the tight fitting lid which seal in heat and moisture without creating condensation build up on the outside the pan.


Blue Diamond steel ceramic frying pans

This is the ideal set for any home cook looking to make chef-quality food from scratch. The pans are constructed from heavy-duty materials that make them extremely durable and heat resistant. Made of multi-layered steel with a nonstick ceramic coating, this set is perfect for cooking eggs, fish, veggies etc. This ceramic coating is made without PFOA or PTFE. It’s hard to be consistent. But it’s also hard to be inconsistent. If you found yourself in that predicament, then this enameled steel frying pan is just the stuff to get you out of it. You can cook with or without oil, depending on how you want your meal. It’s non-stick. No matter how many times you wash and dry it, even food particles will not stick in this pan.


Chantal Vintage Enamel on steel whistling kettle

This is a medium size, 1.7 quart, enamel kettle that will come in handy in your kitchen. It has the ability to whistle when it reaches its boiling point which is an indicator of perfect heat temperature. The exterior is covered with an enamel coating making it durable and guarantees longevity of service. Highly energy efficient and space saving stovetop kettle design which will look great on your stove top. You can take advantage of the straining lid and strainer to drain excess water from your kettle. The lid is made of stainless steel that has been vacuumed in order to prevent any kind of rusting or corrosion and also serve as a spout for filling the kettle. It is suitable for use on both gas and electric stoves.


Garcima E- 22 GAR enameled steel pan

This is a 22-inch wide pan that will make cooking any kind of dish a breeze. This is the best pan for just about anything from: stir-fries to paellas and, last but not least, desserts. You can also use this pan for baking or as an improvised cake stand. The cooking surface is coated in enamel which ensures great heat distribution and longevity of service. It’s oven-safe up to 295°F which means it won’t burn your meal, even after you cook it in the oven. There’s no need to worry about breakage with this product as it has been constructed with high quality heavy gauge steel encased by an exterior enamel coating that cannot be chipped or broken.


Enamel on steel is still new in the kitchen industry hence the few products. Even though it is not a pioneer idea, it is one of the best materials to use to prepare your food. The best part about these is that they make cooking a breeze. Just heat it and let it cook your meal to perfection in its non-stick surface. Here is our final verdict. We recommend enameled steel for superior cooking experience. The enameled steel gets our vote due to its efficiency, durability, and elegance. All things considered, you really can’t go wrong with this nonstick cookware.


1. Can you use enameled steel cookware in the oven?

Yes, enameled steel cookware is safe to use in an oven.

2. What temperature is best for cooking with enamel steel cookware?

Enameled steel pans can be used on both gas and electric range tops as well as in the oven up to 350 degrees F. This material also performs well on induction cooktops.

3. Do enamel steel pans conduct heat?

Yes, the surface of the metal is rather reflective, so heat does reflect off the pan and make it appear shiny. The heat will neither go into nor out of your cooking pot or pan.

4. Is enameled steel cookware dishwasher safe?

Enameled steel pans can be safely hand washed but should be allowed to air dry. Do not place enameled steel cookware in a dishwasher as the high temperatures used in the dishwasher can damage the ceramic coating and cause it to wear away over time.

5. Is enamel steel safe to use in a microwave?

Yes, a microwave oven is safe to use with enameled steel cookware. The ceramic coating is not affected by heat and will not burn or warp at any temperature, including high-temperature cooking.

6. Is enameled steel cookware toxic?

Enameled steel cookware is not toxic. The ceramic is completely non-toxic and the steel is not toxic either. In fact, because enameled steel pans are coated with a glass surface, they are an even better idea than food containers that have plastic coatings.