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East or West home is best. Charity begins at home as well. This is one of the many ways to say you love your country when it comes to American made air fryers. It’s a cliché, but it still rings true. How better to show this than to consume product manufactured from your own country. When it comes to air fryers, those made in America are far much more superior than their alien counterparts. The best things in life are made in America. That’s why we work hard to make sure everything we sell is made with high-quality materials and put together by hand, right here in the USA. With every purchase you make, you strengthen the local workforce and promote your neighbor’s family. Also, many people find that the models made in the US are of better quality and more durable than those made in Asia.

However, even though the US is known for its high quality products, not many air fryers are manufactured there. they are instead manufactured in the far East, specifically China.

Why are most Air Fryers Made in China?

The reason that most air fryers are made in China is because the US does not have many factories left to make them. The demand for Chinese air fryers has increased over the years because they are much cheaper in production. The reason for this is simple: China has cheap labor.

 The fact that our air fryers are made in the US in small quantities means that they are guaranteed to be of high quality. Also, because we make them to order, every single one is unique and there will never be a repeat of the same machine on the market again. This is unlike a mass-produced product, which can come with an untold number of problems.

The going was tough when compiling the list of American-made air fryers, but we’re dedicated to providing you with the best information without any stress. According to our research, these were the products that we recommend that are designed and manufactured in the US;

Ninja Air Fryer AF101

With an allowance of up to 75% less fat required than the other conventional ovens, this air fryer offers guilt free cooking. 105 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit is an ample generous temperature range for household cooking needs. All this is offered in this air fryer. With the ceramic nonstick basket, you can gently steam your food or crisp them with the convectional heat. All parts are dishwasher safe so there is no need to scratch your head on how to clean. it weighs almost 5 pounds which is quite lightweight compared to other air fryers. This appliance is available in black and gray. Ninja AF101 will make your cooking taste amazing and you can cook healthier. Cooking with this air fryer will also save you a lot of time with it being able to cook fast and easy foods that taste great.

Instant vortex plus Air fryer.

This air fryer is an updated version of the famous original that’s been on the market, typically listed as one of the best air fryer. The latest version comes with a new design. With this appliance, you can now prepare crispy foods and soft foods in a very short time and without using any oil at all; just by using an electric fan to circulate hot air around the food items which are placed in the non-stick basket. has 7 smart programs with which you can do anything you think of in a kitchen, from roasting to baking to sauté. What can’t you do with a 10-liter capacity? literally anything is possible with this machine of an air fryer. Moreover, the steel finish exterior is the icing on the cake.

Power XL Air fryer

This air fryer is the love child of a convection oven and a deep fryer. It allows you to cook your favorite meals with 70% less oil and also features a splash-guard lid. The product comes with a 1-year warranty for peace of mind when making the purchase. It is available in black, red, silver and white color. With an easy cleanup feature and dishwasher safe parts, cleaning takes only seconds to complete.

The LED digital display at the front of the appliance is such an eye catcher. On top of all this, it has a curvy modern classy look that you cannot say no to. It without doubt goes perfectly with your kitchen décor.

NuWave Brio 15.5 Quart

NuWave Brio 15.5-Quart is the newest and most powerful air fryer offered by NuWave. It has an extremely large capacity that has been perfected for big families or even for cooking for crowds of friends and family. What is unique about this air fryer is that it offers four cooking modes with one catering to each individual’s needs: searing, grilling, roasting, and baking.

This appliance comes with two stainless steel racks that are 18 inches tall to easily hold a variety of different foods including fish, chicken parts, meatballs and more. The drip tray underneath will catch any drips from your food while the grill grate will allow you to cook your favorite meats without burning them on the grate. Other impressive features include two cooking levels with a heated element for precise cooking and heat control, digital temperature and timer, auto turn-off, 90-minute automatic shut off after usage and the ability to cook up to 2 pounds of food at a time.

The Deluxe nonstick insert is the same one that comes standard on all NuWave products. This design makes it easy to clean and allows the appliance to look sleek in any kitchen.

Chefman Large Healthy Air Fryer

Chefman brings a comprehensive solution to your kitchen with this product. It has a 6.5-liter capacity, oil air fryer with auto shut off that saves up to 60 minutes of cooking time and will automatically turn off after 90 minutes of use. Its digital display and timer include the ability to use it at two cooking levels so you can choose the type of heat for your food and an automatic shut off at the end of the cycle that is also accurate because it uses precision electronics with digital accuracy.

Safety is also important when using an oven like this one because it features BPA-free, dishwasher-safe parts that are safe for use in your dishwasher or by hand washing, which keeps your countertop clean and your food safe. The stainless steel finish and meal timer give this appliance a modern, stylish look that will fit perfectly in any kitchen.

In addition to the standard nonstick ceramic basket on the bottom of the unit, it also comes with an additional nonstick ceramic tray on top that can be used for baking or searing which makes your food more delicious. Furthermore, Chefman have their modelling and assembling personally here in the US.

Koios Air Fryer 39006

It features seven cooking presets for maximum control over your cooking – including pizza, toast, chicken drumsticks and potatoes – as well as baking bread and more. The timer will count down to one minute so you know when your food is ready. The digital display includes a countdown timer and also offers 10 preset temperatures for custom-crispy food (with an auto shutoff function). The non-stick ceramic basket is removable, allowing for easy cleaning.

The 10-liter capacity is perfect for those with larger families or anyone who wants to avoid using oil in their cooking. The machine also includes a recipe book that covers all four cooking modes as well as a roasting pan and baking pan that can be used when baking your favorite foods at home.

Ultrean 6 Quart Air fryer


The Ultrean is a large family size electric hot air fryer with a capacity of 6 quarts, 1500 watts and 7 presets. The digital touch screen shows the preset cooking options and cooking time. Other features include removable nonstick basket, UL certified, adjustable temperature control knob with up to 10 pre-set temperatures and an auto shut off feature after 90 minutes of use. It is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Furthermore, according to this website it has received many positive reviews from across the country in regards to its ability to cook anything from fried vegetables and fish (using little oil) to breads as well as beef and chicken breast that have been deliciously crispy on the outside while moist within!


It seems like most air fryers are manufactured outside of the US including popular brands, like Philips, are foreign. We have collected the best brands in this article. The brands above are those that we could find and guarantee they are of high standards. if your desire is to go all American, then this is your best shot. the choice is yours.