All-Clad D5 Vs Copper Core

Choosing a cooking pan can be a daunting task for anyone, nevermind the beginner in the kitchen. With plenty of options in a variety of price ranges it can be hard to decide which one is best for you, especially if you haven’t tried them all before.


We’re here to help you with that, and we’ve done the hard work for you! We’ve pitted two of the most popular pans in the All-Clad D5 vs Copper Core’s battle to find out which one has the best combination of performance and price.


What’s All-Clad D5?

All-Clad D5 is a five layer stainless steel pan. The five layers combine to make the most durable, long lasting and easy to clean cooking pan you can buy. It’s constructed of a 3-ply bottom and is very heavy – it weighs in at over 5 pounds – but that’s because the heat distribution is even and doesn’t run hot or cold like some other pans do. The heavy bottom doesn’t leave any room for food to get stuck, and the flat cooking surface makes it easy to get even heating from all areas of the pan.


What’s All Clad Copper Core?

Copper Core is similar to All-Clad D5 although it is lighter than it’s counterpart. It has the same manufacturing process as other All Clad pans giving you high heat conductivity and even heat distribution. It has a jet black, anodized exterior that looks really stylish when put next to other pans. Its interior is made of copper which is perfect for browning food, and its five layer construction also adds to the durability of the pan.


Similarities between All-Clad D5 and Copper Core

Metal Bonded Layers

All-Clad D5 and Copper Core both have metal bonded layers. Metal bond welding is a process used by all-clad to connect metal to each other, creating incredibly strong bonds without heat. As well as this, it means that the cookware is tough and durable while still maintaining good heat distribution and good conductivity.


Construction Methods

All-Clad D5 and Copper Core are both made in the same way. They are constructed from alternating metals, all bonded together, to make an incredibly strong pan that is able to withstand high temperatures.


Handle and Lid

All-Clad D5 and Copper Core have a sleek, easy to grip handle which makes it easy to transfer from one spot in the kitchen to another.


Interior Cooking Surface

All-Clad D5 and Copper Core both feature a flat cooking surface which allows them to heat up really quickly. They are both very similar, however the All-Clad D5 is slightly wider than Copper core which means that if you’re looking to cook large amounts of food at once, then the All-clad D5 might be the better of the two.


Oven and Induction Safe

Copper Core is non-stick that is perfect for use in the oven and induction cooker. The All-Clad D5 is a bit more sturdy and requires a bit more care when using in the oven


Care and Cleaning Up

Cleaning these pans is really simple. Make sure to clean the pan before and after use, or you’ll find that your food is sticking to the surface. You can also place a little bit of oil onto a paper towel and wipe clean afterwards.


Lifetime Warranty

Copper Core has a lifetime warranty that will repair your pan if it’s ever damaged. All-Clad D5 also has a lifetime warranty, however it only covers manufacturing defects.


Differences between All-Clad D5 and Copper Core

Core Layer

Copper Core has a flat core layer, with the same thickness of the rest of the pan. The All-Clad D5 has a slightly thicker square salt with an inner ribbing that is slightly wavy. This means that the copper layer has the ability to heat food better than with All-Clad D5.



All-Clad D5 is more expensive than Copper Core, although it’s worth noting that it has a larger cooking surface area making it great for larger amounts of food.


Venting Holes

All-Clad D5 has no vents or holes in the pan, which means that it’s perfect for high heat cooking on your hob. Copper Core has holes on the exterior of the pan, which makes it easier to transfer heat to the food.


Heat Distribution

Copper core’s flat surface allows for even heating for all areas in the pan. All-Clad D5, on the other hand, heats up quickly and evenly across its surface, although this is where it loses points to Copper Core.



The All-Clad D5 is more polished than Copper Core. It has a slightly darker finish than Copper Core which makes it look more stylish. The copper core of Copper Core looks a little more grungy which makes it look a little more casual.


Pros of All-Clad D5

Conducts Heat Well

It takes a little longer for All-Clad D5 to get up to temperature, however it evenly distributes the heat across the whole surface of the pan.

Superior Quality Metal

The metal used in All-Clad D5 is of a higher quality, which means that it won’t break down as quickly as other pans. It can hold up to high temperatures and it won’t warp even after long periods of use.

All Clad D5 has a Flat Cooking Surface

The flat cooking surface means that it’s easy to cook many types of food.


Cons of All-Clad D5

Heavy All-Clad D5 is extremely heavy, even when compared to other pans in the line. It can be a little difficult to carry around and it might not be the best choice for smaller kitchens or people who have no experience with cooking.

It’s also quite expensive, making it the second most expensive pan in its category.


Pros of Copper Core

Easy to Clean The non-stick interior means that cleaning up after cooking is simple. You can simply wipe clean with some oil or grease and it should be good to go.

Extremely Durable The five layer construction allows for an even distribution of heat, meaning that you won’t get cold spots in your pan. The metal used in the construction is also strong and resistant to warping which means that your pan will last a long time before requiring repairs.


Cons of Copper Core

It’s Bulkier; The All-Clad D5 is slightly more compact than the Copper Core. However, it’s worth noting that it does still take up considerably more space than the flat bottomed Copper Core.

Lighter All-Clad D5 is lighter than Copper Core which makes carrying it around a lot easier.

Not Easily Compatible; All-Clad D5 isn’t compatible with induction hobs, however it can be used on conventional hobs.


Preferred Recipes for All-Clad D5

Lamb Shanks with Roasted Vegetables

Coffee-rubbed Rib Eye Steak with Roasted Root Vegetables

Roasted Red Pepper and Potato Salad

Side Items: Sautéed Spinach, Braised Baby Carrots, Braised Celeriac & Butternut Squash with Brown Butter, Leek and Chanterelle Ragoût with Hazelnut Gremolata


Preferred Recipes for Copper Core

Red Wine Braised Short Ribs with Soy Mustard Beans and Roasted Veggies

Haddock Fish and Chips with Tartar Sauce and French Fries

Pan Seared Salmon with Roasted Winter Squash, Curried Broccoli and Saffron Rice

Side Items: Crispy Rosemary Potatoes, Roasted Baby Carrots, Sauteed Spinach, Roasted Cauliflower.


All-Clad D5 Vs Copper Core; Which is the suitable model?

Copper Core is superior in some key areas; More Durable; More Non-stick; Heats up quicker. However, All-Clad D5 is more durable in most areas including metal thickness, heat distribution and heat retention. The All-Clad D5 has an even heating surface that will distribute heat better than Copper Core.

The two pans are almost identical in terms of the look, however the All-Clad D5 has a smoother surface than copper core, making it look cleaner and more stylish.