Air fryer toaster oven for sublimation. Oven for DIY and cooking.

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If you are a DIY person then you definitely know the uses of sublimation and how hard it is to be done but fear not because there’s an air fryer toaster oven for sublimation. It is a two in one device that can do everything you want like cooking, toasting and many other things.

This appliance is the best for people who love to cook for themselves or for their loved ones. It helps make your life easier because you are not limited by the cooker’s size anymore and it also helps save time from cooking. You can cook different foods at the same time and it only takes minutes to finish cooking everything because this appliance gets hot very quickly.


The main features of this appliance include:

  1. Small size to fit everyone’s kitchen sizes
  2. Sublimation means that the food that you cook with this will be able to taste awesome for the long term so you will not have to do it over and over again. You can have cooked foods all the time without them being old and stale, no more eating bad tasting food.
  3. This appliance has a heat resistant drip tray on the bottom part so you do not have to worry about damaging your kitchen counter.
  4. This appliance is a two in one, it serves as a convection oven and an air fryer so you can save space in your kitchen. You can cook or toast right inside it or you can use its conduction feature in order to make all your favorite meals.
  5. This appliance comes with a timer that can be used in order to make healthy meals. You can set it so that the food is cooked for 20, 30 minutes or even more.
  6. The smoke alarm is incorporated into this appliance so you do not have to worry about making your house dirty and you are safe from getting fire because it will make all necessary noises before the fire gets full blown.


Parting shots

This product is not the same as other air fryer toaster oven that you are thinking of getting. This one is made of high quality materials and it will be able to fit all your needs. You can cook and toast everything that you want no matter what time it is. It also has a lot of safety features so you can have a good time while cooking. it also suits nonfood uses such as subliming mugs.