Air Fryer that doesn’t cause cancer. Healthy non toxic cooking.

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With the rise in carcinomas surfacing from consumption of toxins in kitchen appliances, you definitely need an air fryer that doesn’t cause cancer. An air fryer is a modern kitchen appliance that functions by circulating hot air around its food at higher temperatures than what we use for boiling or stewing. The result is crispy, crunchy perfection that can be achieved with very little oil.

However, with the rising awareness of carcinomas surfacing from ingestion of chemicals in appliances and kitchenware, you should be extra careful when purchasing an air fryer that doesn’t cause cancer.


How do air fryers cause cancer

The air fryer works by heating up its oil to a very high temperature of 240 degrees Celsius before turning on its fan. This creates a “cyclone” effect which circulates hot air around the food that can reach up to 400 degrees Celsius. sometimes, these temperatures degrade the appliance from inside.  The interiors of air fryers are however coated with PTFOAs that when leeched into food cause health complications. Do Air fryers cause cancer?

A study was done in Belgium where around 100 air fryer users were contacted. Of these 100 users, 18% admitted having had skin issues such as dry spots and skin rashes.


Features of air fryers that do not cause cancer?

  1. The appliance is outfitted with an oil sensor which ensures that when the food is ready, the temperature of the oil goes down to a safe temperature of 80 degrees Celsius.
  2. The interiors are made of metal or glass which cannot dissipate into food when cooking. The buyer is given a choice between a stainless steel or ceramic basket.



How to ensure you don’t get cancer from an air fryer.

  1. Remember the carcinoma effects of PTFOAs and PTFEs in the interior coatings of air fryers? These surfaces must not touch food. The manufacturer of air fryers recommends that the baskets be removed and washed separately with hot water after each cycle
  2. Do not use metal utensils to scoop out food. Use appropriate non-stick spatulas to ensure you can remove the food easily
  3. Use a wooden or heat resistant plastic spatulas
  4. Frozen foods should not be cooked in an air fryer as it may cause injury due to sudden changes in temperature.